HP Smart App (formerly known as HP All-in-One) is an application that helps you to set up and manage your HP printer easily using your smartphone or other tools, scanning, printing, sharing and images.

Hp Smart App For Android And Ios Devices (Smartphones)

Hp Smart App Download and Setup for Android and iOS devices

HP Smart App Compatibility for Android and iOS lets you print, search, copy, and troubleshoot mobile device printer issues.

  • HP Smart App Download and Install is achieved on your Android or iOS devices by visiting 123.hp.com.
  • Make sure your Mobile is wired to a wireless network.
  • Open the smart app Installed Hp and connect your HP Printer.
  • If your computer displays your printer, then proceed to the next stage.
  • Select the printer and obey the instructions shown on the screen to complete the setup.
  • If the printer is not in the catalog, click the “+” sign to restart the on-screen process and set up a new one.

Using smartphones and tablets to print and scan

  • Click the Print icon on your screen.
  • Sign in to the account if you’re printing from online.
  • Check your Mobile Device for Picture or Paper to Print.
  • To complete the paper printing, tap Printer or Print icon using Hp Smart App on mobile devices.

Note: Supported file format forms are, for Android devices, HP Smart App: images (JPEG, PNG), and PDF documents.

HP Smart App for iOS devices: images (JPEG, PNG), PDF and MS Office Suite documents (pdf, pdf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), text files (TXT), and web pages saved.

Copy documents to Android and iOS devices using HP Smart App

  • Simply pick the copy icon from the Smart App. If you are unable to see any copy icon in the program, modify the button and copy again.
  • Render the documents that you want to copy as simple as possible and place them on a appropriate surface.
  • Tap the button Object Size to set the size of the original documents.
  • Tap the Flash icon if you wish to allow flash mode.
  • To complete the Setup pick the copy mode(Auto or Manual).

Place the screen over the documents you want to copy, and keep the camera tightly to do better copying while using Auto mode.

HP Smart App for Android: Quickly switch the camera to the next object once the document is scanned automatically or just tap the right arrow to complete the copy process.

HP Smart App for iOS: Instantly switch the camera to the next object after the document has been scanned automatically or simply tap the round page count icon in the top right corner of the App Screen to complete the copying process.

Place the screen in the center of the document you want to copy, and select the Capture icon to Copy the Documents while using manual mode. The computer will then show the Print Preview. Tap Add Pages icon if you want to copy any more files.

Thus the HP Smart App has been successfully downloaded to your Android and iOS devices and activated. So that from your smartphones and tablets we can enjoy printing, downloading and copying documents and images.


Hp Smart App Download and Setup for Windows 10 OS

  • Visit Windows Store for HP Smart App Download and Install Setup on your Windows 10 Pc by following the instructions given.
  • Enable your Windows computer to Smart App.
    • Click to start setup after your Printer is shown in the Collection.
    • If your printer is not on view, then click on the “+” sign and follow the ON SCREEN instructions to connect your printer. The New Printer is also integrated with the Smart App.

Print or scan documents Using HP Smart App on your Windows 10 computers

Using HP Smart App Home Screen, by clicking on the Print and Scan icons respectively; we can print and scan documents from the Printer. We can also search the images using camera from Windows 10 system.

Printing a PDF or Saved image on your Windows 10 computer

  • Open your home screen for the HP Intelligence App, and press Print Document or Photos.
  • Identify the Documents (pdf) or Photographs in the Pictures folder or Document folder, or some other folder where the File is saved to be printed.
  • Pick the photo you want to print or record, and press Print.
  • Then the Microsoft Print Preview window will show our Document Preview, or photos that we want to print.
  • From the Display window press the Print button. The Printer then begins printing your documents or images.
  • Select Finished from the HP Smart App after Print jobs are done. This will then return to the home screen.

Downloading and installing the HP Smart Software on Windows 10 Computers. From your windows 10 OS, you can enjoy printing, scanning, and copying documents and images.

Scanning a text or a picture using HP Smart App in Windows 10 OS

  • Click on the HP Smart App Home screen to scan the icon. The scanning window opens.
  • Then Change Settings such as Page Resolution and Length, File Types, Page Input Types, and Scan Jobs Compression to Combat.
  • Then press on Scan Button to proceed. The scanning process for the document or photographs will commence.
  • The preview of the scan-document will appear. You can edit and make any changes like crop, rotate, etc. in this Preview screen … you can also adjust the border manually by keeping one of the blue dots.
  • Click Submit after completion of editing process. Then appears the Result Window.
  • You can print, edit, rename, delete, transfer or add pages to Result window.
  • Complete the scanning process by saving or sharing the scanning jobs and click ok.


 HP Smart App Setup and Download for Mac OS

  • You can download and install HP Smart App Setup and Install for Mac OS Hp Smart App by visiting 123.hp.com, and follow the Request on-screen.
  • Attach your printer and open the Smart App.
  • The smart app chooses the Printer automatically if one or more printers are connected. Choose the printer that you need to swip to left or right. If the printer is not in the list, add various printers by following Prompt on-screen.
  • If you want a New Printer to be set up, select Printer >> Set up a New Printer, and follow the prompt on screen.
  • The Hp Smart App Setup and Mac Installation is thus complete.

Print or scan documents Using HP Smart App on your Windows 10 computers

By simply clicking the Print or scan icon on HP Smart App Home Screen, you can print or scan documents and images on a Mac computer.

  • Using the Smart App Press Print icon to print a document or photos on Mac OS, then pick Print Document or Print Photos.
  • Pick the document or images you want to print, and load it. The Print window is then opened.
  • Using HP Smart App, press Print Upload a File or photos to your Mac OS:

Scanning a text or a picture using HP Smart App in Windows 10 OS

  • Smart App Press the scan icon on the home screen of the HP smart app.
  • Then opens the Scan Window.
  • Using Scan Window change any Settings to make the Workers search and press search.
  • If required, change the line, rotate, crop and then press Apply.
  • Tap add pages and then save / share the scan job if you want to scan more files.

Therefore the HP Smart App has been successfully downloaded and activated on Ios. You will enjoy using your Mac OS to print, scan and copy documents and images.


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