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HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is a multi-tasking device that can print, fax, copy and scan all from one unique printer. It is called an All-in-One due to its versatility of applications.


You can now instantly establish a printer Wi-Fi Network and then set it up at a convenient place for wireless access. Your OfficeJet Pro Wi-Fi Direct is more secure using Wi-Fi Network Authentication Method.


Your HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 printer is present with a collection of print apps web content that can be used to print duplex and copy borderless photos.


HP OJ Pro 9015 printer is well known for its rapid fast printing at an affordable professional quality. Your printer requires about 4 HP Ink Cartridges containing the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black color for offering a 3 times high yield. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is manufactured on a Revolutionary Design for improving the printing speed and quality. You get a pair of Input tray that can be loaded with papers up to 250 sheets individually. At the Output tray you can handle the printouts up to 150 sheets.

Your printer comes with a 50 sheet capacity Automatic Document Feeder for handling you multi-page copy and scan task without slowing down. Make use of the external USB host that is present at the front of your OfficeJet Pro to print & fax quickly. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is incorporated with the Universal Printer Driver that enables you to print different file formats that exhibits unique colors and scalable fonts. Your printer is fully efficient on printing both color and monochrome documents that is highly durable.


  • Primarily unpack the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 from its shipment and then set it up on a desk
  • Unwrapped the packing from your printer and remove the tapes
  • Access the printer control panel and then get rid of the cover sticker
  • Draw up the scanner lid to gain access to scanner glass. Remove all tapes from the glass
  • Pull up from the lateral sides of the Cartridge access door to open it. Get rid of the protective packing and the tapes
  • Remove the sticker present on the Input tray to disengage it. Now try to load the A4 paper
  • Connect the power cord to your printer and then switch power ON. Ensure that your Computer is in standby mode and then connect the printer USB cable. Connect the other end to printer
  • Open the Cartridge door and then try installing the dynamic security enabled HP Ink Cartridges
  • Open the CD drive and load HP OJ Pro 9015 CD. Run the Auto setup file and then follow the onscreen instruction to install the HP 9015printer software
  • Open HP OJ Pro 9015 program and then click File and then click Print to test the Printer Setup

HP Officejet Pro 9015 Control Panel description:

  1. Home button: Touch the Home button to open the OfficeJet Pro menu
  2. Touch ScreenControl Panel: Touch the CGD Screen to activate the printer menu bar
  3. Wireless LED Light: signals the different types of connectivity status. Some of them are:
  • A solid blue glowing light signals the standby mode of wireless connection
  • A blinking light signifies that an wireless connection is ON but unsynchronized
  • If wireless light is OFF status then there is no availability of the printer wireless option
  1. Near Field Communication: Touch the NFC button to activate the 2.4 GHz wireless link. Simply touch the NFC Mobile or Tablet to establish a wireless link and to authenticate the device.
  2. Back touch button: Touch the button to retrace the path to your previous screen
  3. Help touch button:Touch the button to get the list of help menus displayed on the screen

Officejet Pro 9015 Sleep Mode Ops.:

Your printer is built-in with a Sleep Mode operation that can be efficiently used to conserve Power intelligently. This operation mode comes into effective after 5 minutes once the printer is setup.Open the printer menu from the control panel and then swipe the dashboard tab to get access to it. Touch HP EcoSolutions and then tap Sleep Mode option. Touch to select between 5 or 10 or else 15 minutes options to alter the time settings for Sleep Mode operation.


HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 series is manufactured right from 8741, 8742, 8743, 8744, 8745, 8746, 8747, 8748 and 8749 printers. All OfficeJet Printers are built with a Print Head System that uses the Thermal OfficeJet Technology for rapid fast printing. Your HP OfficeJet Pro 9015, 8741, 8742, 8743 and 8744 series proves to be a powerful printing device with duplexing capabilities. When considering the remaining HP OJ Pro 8745, 8746, 8747, 8748 and 8749 series of printers the first thing that comes to the user mind is its ability to Copy, Fax and Scan documents at a lightning fast speed preserving great accuracy.

123.hp.com/ojpro9015 Printer Installation in Windows OS

Place the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 series compact disk on to the CD drive and close it. Try to run the Auto Setup program either manually or automatically. Now follow on the screen instruction and then create a desired printer name for your OfficeJet Pro. Click Next and then proceed further to select either USB/Wireless connection and then end the Auto setup program. Given below is a list of Windows OS with specific procedures to open HP OfficeJet Pro 9015:

  • Windows 10: Click to open the Start menu. Click All Apps link and then move the cursor to select HP OJ Pro 9015 and then click it
  • Windows OS 8.1: Move the cursor to the bottom rightmost corner of the start screen to select Show Desktop button and then click it. Double click HP OJ Pro 9015 program from the desktop to open it
  • Windows OS 8: Selecting an empty space over the start screen and then Right click to enable Apps window bar. Click the All Apps expansion link and then click HP OJ Pro 9015 printer to open it
  • Windows OS 7, Windows Vista OS and Windows XP: Press the Start Key button and then click All Programs tab. Move the cursor to select the HP Index and then again to select Printer Index. Click the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 printer to open it.


Load the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 CD on to the external CD drive and close it. Now open the CD folder and then run the Automatic Setup file. Follow the onscreen instruction to specify a desired name for your printer. Click Next and then proceed further to determine the printer setup to either USB or Wireless connection. Click Apply and then follow the instructions set to finish the HP OJ Pro 9015 software setup. Given below is a number of Mac OS X with setup procedures to define the print properties:

  • Apple OS 10.6: You can set the print properties from the list of Blue disclosure triangle button that is available on the properties tab
  • Apple Lion and Mountain Lion OS: Click the Show Details expansion link that is available on the properties tab to view the list of settings in the form of disclosure triangle buttons
  • For previous Macintosh OS X: You can select each one of the individual print settings from a Popup menu button and then try to change values

Switch HP 7155 OFF:

Switch off your printer power and wait until the power button displays no light to remove the power cable. If you imperfectly operate the Power button, the result is that the carriage is printed in the original position. That’s why the prints are of low quality and contribute to problems with Ink Cartridge.

123 HP OFFICEJET PRO 9015 Printer Driver Setup

Web Services and its features can be setup from the capacitive Control Panel display. Touch Home button to open the printer menu. Swipe down the dashboard tab button to display the list of Printer dashboard features. Touch Setup tab and then select Web Services Setup. Touch the Accept tab to agree with the Terms of Use. Touch OK and then proceed with the screen instructions. When the Printer Update Option appears remember to enable the checkbox. Touch OK and then finish the Software setup. You can begin to print the Information Page just after your printer establishes a connection with the Server.


Your HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Web feature is proven to be highly efficient when setting up Web Services. Your Web Services are pre-formatted contents that is especially designed for instant printing your Tickets, Forms and Coupons etc., Ensure that your printer is always connected to the Internet. Open the Printer Menu from the Control Panel and then Touch Apps folder in the taskbar to find the list of web contents that comes with free access. For more Web Apps & Contents you can browse through the HP Connected Website and then schedule your print on-demand.

Install the HP AiO Smart Apps in your Smart Phone and Tablet and then try utilizing the Mobile Printing Technology to enable WirelessPrinting. Open ePrint & AirPrint apps from your Smart Phones and then effortlessly print from documents, photos, text and email attachment etc.,Mobile Printing Technology is one of the most easiest of methods to get connected to your printer. Now you can define the print settings from the Smartphone and tablet and then print high quality documents without your presence. Make sure you have the appropriate web apps installed in your mobiles to make use of the HP OJ Pro 9015 Web feature.


Open the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 series Software and then create a print settings shortcut option over the desktop screen for re-use purpose. Click Print, Scan & Copy menu on the software title bar and then move the cursor to select Print settings. Click Set Preferences tab to open the print dialog window. Make sure you select theHP OfficeJet Pro 9015 and then proceed to change the print settings. Begin with the No of Pages to print setting over the Pages per Sheet drop down option.

Click the Orientation list down and then select either Landscapes or Portrait. Click the Paper Type/Quality preferences tab and then choose the paper type and its desired quality.Now go to the Layout tab and then click the Preset button. Create a desired printer setup name for the preferences setup and then click HP OJ Pro 9015 and then choose Save As option. Click the OK button to apply the print settings and then to exit Set Preferences window. Now you should be havingthe Preferences shortcut icon created in your desktop.


Click the Start Menu button and then click All Programs. Move the cursor to select your default Internet web browser and then click it. On the Address bar try to type in the OfficeJet Pro IP address and then click Go button. Your OfficeJet Pro Embedded Web Server homepage is now opened in the browser. Click the Web Services window frame and then move the cursor towards Web Services settings zone.

Click Setup button and then follow up with the onscreen instruction procedures. Click Continue and then click Yes button to agree on the Terms of Usage. Click Next and proceed further to install the OfficeJet Pro Web Services. Ensure to enable the checkbox termed Install Printer Updates. Click Next and then wait for a few minutes until the Web Services gets updated. Now your printer will reboot and then try to connect to the server.


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