123.hp.com/ojpro8028 – 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 PRINTER SETUP

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 is a versatile and powerful printer that is capable of Copy, Fax and Scan operations all from a stand-alone device that is often discovered in Business Offices. Your OJ Pro printer is fast on printing and is sustainable to provide a high yield when installed with HP Ink Cartridges. Your printer is built on HP PCL3 enhanced printer language and so you can print scalable fonts and unique colours that exist on different file formats. Now you get an Input tray with 250 sheets handling capacity for performing print operations uninterruptedly. Also, at Output tray you can handle up to 150 sheets.

HP OJ Pro 8028print head is built ona Drop-on-Demand Thermal InkJet Technology that is accurate while on printing using different media types. Now you can connect your printer on OfficeJet Pro Embedded Web Server and then access for more web features. HP ePrint facility can be used to establish a Wi-Fi Protected Setup and then begin to mobile print from anywhere. Printer Control panel is integrated with 2.65 inches touch screen CGD panel for operating many of the printer functions and features.


Scan to Email

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Scanner is present with a collection of printer apps that can be utilized in accomplishing the Scan operations quickly. Scan to Email Apps can be accessed from the screen display and then proceed to scan documents for to be send over an Email. Now you can scan multi-page documents using the Automatic Document Feeder.

Power Saving

Your OJ Pro printer is ingeniously designed to save on the power consumption through the Sleep Mode and Scheduled Printer On/Off operation Mode. Your printer is often detected on Sleep Mode due to no print operation being performed, for about 5 minutes of time duration. Scheduled On/Off Mode is used in restricting the printer from operating beyond the regular working hours.

 Mobile Printing

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 is present with the Web access feature for achieving Network connection. Now you can configure different mobile devices without any limitationsand then connect securely. Your printer has now brought in the Mobile Printing Technology to a new scalable height, for you to wireless print from anywhere.

Ink Cartridge

HP Ink Cartridge is built with an memory chip that stores the everyday print operations for achieving maximum efficiency. Your OJ Pro 8028 uses 4 Ink Cartridges namely Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Coloured cartridges for providing a high yield at professional colour quality. Your HP Cartridges are Instant Ink Ready for you to print on several media types.

Colour Printing

Open the control panel screen and then select print apps folder for colour printing on HP OJ Pro 8028. Your print apps contains a collection of free web apps that can be scheduled to print on-demand. Using the preview screen you can change the colour, brightness and contrast levels easily.

HP Duplex Print

Your printer is inherently a Multi-Tasking device that can duplex print documents quickly. Now you can accomplish more number of tasks without getting slowed down. Open printer software and then set properties to Print on Both sides, for an automatic duplex printing. You do not have to turn on the multi-page document after initiating the print operation.

123.hp.com/ojpro8028 – 123 HP OFFICEJET PRO 8028 Driver Installation Setup

HP OJ Pro 8028 is capable of establishing a network connection either using Ethernet or Wireless Channel. Ensure to detach the USB cable that exists between your printer and computer for interconnecting to a wireless network.

  • Open the default Web browser and then type in the IP Address to open OJ Pro EWS homepage
  • Click the Web Services heading tab to enable it. Now click the Setup button present in the Settings zone
  • Click Yes to agree on the Terms of Use. Then, click Next to proceed with the onscreen instructions
  • If prompted for an Update then click Yes button to continue with the setup procedure
  • Next, Enter the wireless network name and WEP passkey to connect to the internet and further to some of the Web Services
  • Click Next and then finish the Driver Installation. Also, try to check the control panel for an wireless light to glow steadily

123.hp.com/ojpro8028 Printer Setup in Windows OS

  • Before the windows setup make sure that your printer is connected to a Network through USB fast speed cable
  • Click the Start Menu button to select the Settings folder
  • Access the Settings window and then double click Devices
  • On the Devices window try to access the right pane and then select Printers & Scanners
  • Now Click Add Printer link that is found on the right pane
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to select the HP OJ Pro 8028 and then click Add a printer
  • Wait until your auto installer returns to the Devices window
  • Access the Left pane window and then select the HP OfficeJet Pro. Next, scroll the Right pane on the devices window to choose OJ Pro 8028 series
  • Click the Next option and then go ahead and select the appropriate radio button for assigning the printer network sharing type
  • Click Next button and then proceed further to provide a name for the printer network
  • Click the Next button and then finish the windows 10 setup
  • You can open any document file and then click the Print command to test for the print operation.

123.hp.com/ojpro8028 Printer Setup in Mac OS

  • Double click the System Preferences option that is available on the Mac screen
  • On System preferences window, Click Printers & Scanners to view a list of all available devices
  • Access the Left pane and then scroll to select HP OfficeJet Pro model
  • Click the + sign to Add a new printer
  • Make sure you connect the USB cable to your printer and computer firmly
  • Wait for several minutes till the onscreen instruction prompts you to choose the HP OfficeJet Pro 8028
  • Click the Add button to include your printer to Mac system
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to designate a name for your printer setup
  • Click Apply button to finish the Add Printer installer program
  • Open HP OJ Pro 8028 software program and then click the File menu to select print command. Now you should be able to find the OJ Pro Printer performance

 123.hp.com/ojpro8028 Printer Copy, Scan, and Fax Setup

How to copy Documents with HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer?

  • Press the Home button to activate the screen display
  • Load the original with copy side facing up on the Automatic Document Feeder. Now slide the pair of width guides towards the originals to keep them intact
  • Touch Copy and then tap settings
  • Scroll sideways to select the Number of copies, then Touch OK
  • Select Copy paper size and Copy paper type and then Touch OK
  • Select the Copy speed and contrast setting over the control panel and then touch OK
  • Touch the down arrow option to select Set as New Defaults
  • Touch Yes and then tap Done

How to Scan Documents with HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer? – HP Officejet Pro 8028 Scan Setup

  • Open the HP OJ Pro 8028 software from the Start Menu
  • Place the document at the front right most corner of the scanner glass with the scan content facing down
  • Click the Print, Fax & Scan drop down menu and then select the Scan tab
  • Select the option Scan a Document or Photo from the Scan dialog
  • Click the Create option to form a New Scan shortcut. Now try to provide a name for your Scan setup
  • On the Scan Dialog click the More link to display the scan settings on a window pane
  • Locate the left pane and then select a Scan property. The corresponding settings is now editable on the right pane
  • Once completed with the scanner setup then Click OK to exit the scan dialog

How to Fax with HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer? – HP Officejet Pro 8028 Fax Setup

  • Load the original with copy side facing up on the Automatic Document Feeder. Now slide the pair of width guides towards the originals to keep them intact
  • Press the Home button to activate the screen display
  • Access the dashboard and then Touch Fax Setup
  • Scroll to select Fax Preferences. Touch Scan and Fax Method On/Off control switch to enable the OJ Pro fax feature
  • Touch OK tab and then wait for the scanning to get complete
  • Touch Fax tab and then select Send Now button
  • Touch the option Use Glass
  • Next, Touch the Phone Book option to select the recipient. Touch OK
  • Touch Black colour and then tap OK to forward the fax


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