123.hp.com/ojpro7740 – 123 HP OFFICEJET PRO 7740 PRINTER SETUP

HP OfficeJet Pro7740 is a generalized printer that is Multi-Functional especially made for an Office Centric usage. Your OfficeJet Pro Print carriage system is specially built on a Print Forward Design. Now your printer is capable of colour printing at a remarkable quality and thus exhibits long standing durability. Achieve more number of print tasks quickly without sacrificing on the cost. Your printer only requires about 4 HP Ink Cartridges that consist of Magenta, Yellow,Cyan and Black Colours for printing borderless photos, brochures and duplexing.

Your printer is present with an Input tray for handling 250 sheets and an Output cabinet for hoarding 150 sheets. In addition, you get a 50 page Automatic Document Feeder for handling your Multi-Page Scan and Copy task without getting slowed down. Printer Control Screen is strongly built on a 4.3 inch touch screen Colour Graphic Display that permits you to access the most frequent tasks using shortcuts. HP Apps is a collection of colour printing templates that is present on the Web to print on demand. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740is integrated with a Near Field Communication mode for establish an uninterrupted connection with your Mobile, Tablet and Notebook, thereafter efficiently handle internal projects.


Scan to Email

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 is pre-built with Scan to Email App that can be operated intuitively over the control panel screen. Open the Apps folder to access Scan to Email and then decide to send Digital Files over the Cloud Network. You can now Scan Photos, Documents and Images etc., on high quality.

Power Saving

Your printer is inventively designed to save on power consumption when operating on Sleep Mode and Scheduled On/Off Mode. Sleep Mode is effectually found operational on OJ Pro 7740 whenever there is no print task is engaged for about 5 minutes. Also, try to implement the Scheduled On/Off mode in your printer to make it functional only during working hours.

Mobile Printing

Your OfficeJet Pro is mainly made toMobile Printing using the network and without it, through ePrint and NFC Mode operations. Near Field Communication mode allow the Touch-to-Print access over the control panel screen and resulting which you can authorize mobile devices to transmit the print task.

 Ink Cartridge

Your HP Ink Cartridges are now dynamic security enabled to protect your printer from unauthorised use. HP Ink Cartridges are now present with a memory chip for storing the print operations. Now you can get a high yield on your installed cartridges and still make it more affordable. Your printer requires 4 ink cartridges that is basically a dye-based or pigment based ink blends.

Colour Printing

Your Printer is designed with a print head that adapts to Drop-on-Demand Thermal OfficeJet Technology for colour printing in high volumes. You can print on reliable colours every time and then consistently produce Lab quality Photos and Documents. Now your printer operates so discretely that it doesn’t cause any Ink Smears issues while Colour Printing.

HP Duplex Print

Your printer can be utilized for printing on both sides of a paper and thus avoid turning pages while print operation is being performed. HP Duplex print feature is fast on completing the print tasks without causing any disruption. Always try using the OJ Pro software to accomplish the Duplex Printing efficiently.

123.hp.com/ojpro7740 – 123 HP OFFICEJET PRO 7740 Driver Installation Setup

HP OJ Pro 7740 is eligible to install a wireless connection. Remember to separate the USB fast speed cable from the OJ Pro printer. Given below is a set of instructions to install the Wireless driver:

  • Open Internet explorer and then click address bar to enter the OJ Pro IP address and then hit Enter button
  • On the HP OJ Pro EWS homepage try to click Web Services heading bar to enable it
  • Access Web Services settings area to Click Setup installer button
  • Follow on the screen instruction and then Click the Yes button to agree on the Terms of Usage
  • Click Next button and progress further until an Firmware update is prompted
  • Click Yes button and follow the onscreen instructions to end the Wireless driver installation
  • After establishing connect to the web server network then try printing the Information page

123.hp.com/ojpro7740 Printer Setup in Windows OS

  • First of all try to connect the printer USB fast speed cable to your HP OJ Pro 7740 and then the other end to Computer
  • Press Start Window button to open the popup menu. Click Settings option to open a folder
  • Double click the extension link Devices to open a window pane
  • Click Add Printer button present in the right window pane
  • Follow on the instructions until the installer detects your HP OfficeJet Pro 7740. Now click Add a Printer
  • Scroll the Left Window pane to check for the printer model and then to select HP OfficeJet Pro
  • Now access the Right pane to choose7740 series. Click Next
  • Follow the on screen instruction and then select the appropriate radio design button on the left pane to assign the printer network sharing category
  • Click Next button and proceed to designate a name for the printer network
  • Click Next and proceed to finish the Windows 10 Setup
  • Open any file and then click print button to test the printer software setup.

123.hp.com/ojpro7740 Printer Setup in Mac OS

  • On the Macintosh screen select Preferences and double click it
  • Click the extension link Printers & Scanners. You get a window pane to display the list of available devices
  • Select HP OfficeJet Pro model on the Left window pane
  • Now connect the printer USB fast speed cable to computer and the other end to printer
  • Click +Sign button to Add an Printer
  • Follow the onscreen instruction till you get a prompt to select HP OfficeJet Pro 7740
  • Click the Add button for including your printer to Macintosh system
  • Click Next and then follow the onscreen instructions to designate a printer name for the All-in-One
  • Click Apply and then close the Preferences Window
  • Open any file and then proceed to click the print command. Examine for the OfficeJet Pro software setup to print

123.hp.com/ojpro7740 Printer Copy, Scan, and Fax Setup

Copy Setup

  • Press the Home button to open the printer menu
  • Use Automatic Document Feeder to load originals with copy side exposed upward. Move the set of paper width guides on towards the original to keep them unmoved
  • Now access taskbar and then Touch Copy folder
  • Touch Copy and tap Settings
  • On the Settings menu try to scroll and set values for the Number of Copies, Paper type, Paper size etc., Touch OK button
  • Touch Contrast Level and set values. Touch OK button
  • Touch Copy Speed and set values. Select the down arrow to assign Set as New Defaults setting
  • Touch the Yes option and tap Done

 Scan Setup

  • Open the HP Printer software. Click Print, Fax & Scan menu
  • Click the Scan command to display the Scan Dialog
  • Use Automatic Document Feeder to load originals with scan side exposed upward. Move the set of paper width guides on towards the original to keep them unmoved
  • Select Scan a Document optionfrom the Scan Dialog window
  • Click Create drop down to select New Scan shortcut
  • Click the More extension link on the Scan window to display a list of settings
  • Access the left pane of your scan setting and then begin to alter values for each of the scan settings over the right pane
  • After changing the required scan settings then proceed to click Enable
  • Click OK to close the scan dialog

Fax Setup

  • Use Automatic Document Feeder to load originals with print side exposed upward. Move the set of paper width guides on towards the original to keep them unmoved
  • Touch the control screen panel to open the OJ Pro menu
  • Access the taskbar and select Fax folder
  • Touch Fax and then tap Preferences
  • Touch Scan and Fax Method On/Off control button to switch it ON
  • Touch OK and then examine for the scan progression
  • Touch OK and tap Fax Method
  • Touch the Send Now option. Select Use Glass option
  • Touch Phone Book and then select the required contact number
  • Touch OK to confirm and then select Black colour
  • Touch OK tab to forward Fax.


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