123.hp.com/ojpro6950 – HP Officejet Pro 6950 Mobile Printing Setup

The smartphone printing feature is used for both Android and Smartphone printing. Carry out the next step-by – step process in the HP Officejet Pro 6950 printer to conduct handheld prints.

HP Officejet Pro 6950 eprint Setup

  • Download and run ePrint on your computer or Smart devices.
  • Open the Settings app, and tap. Turn on the application by tapping the Activate option.
  • Provide your email address in Trigger Use and then Trigger your email box.
  • You’ll get an activation code in your e-mail.
  • Use the code, and activate the application.
  • Now open the document on your machine where you need to print. Tap on the choice Print.
  • Change the printing settings, if necessary. Touch the Print option again, and start printing.

HP Officejet Pro 6950 Airprint Setup

  • Tap Setup — > Network — > Wireless Setup Wizard, on the front panel of the HP OJPro6950 Setup printer.
  • Pick your router’s Network name.
  • Provide the network password, if requested.
  • Link your computer to the same Apple network.
  • Open the document or image on your Apple computer which is about to print.
  • Click Share, and press Print.
  • Adjust print settings and start printing work.

Call our technical experts for more information regarding the AirPrint feature.


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