If the scanner does nothing, make sure the original document is properly prepared.

When your sleep mode is only working

  • The printer can take time to start work.
  • Make sure your installed HP software is right. If not, uninstall the software and access the most recent software and drivers on our website.

When the scan takes too long

  • The printer can be scanned in high resolution, and the effect would be a bigger file size. The less time it takes to scan the lower the resolution.
  • If part of the document has not been scanned or if text is missing, ensure that the original document is properly enabled. Also, when your document is scanned from the automatic document feeder, consider scanning it for the glass scanner.
  • Keep in mind that color backgrounds can blend the front and background images. Set the scan setup before the scan job begins.
  • Verify that the input paper size is large enough to match the scanned original.
  • Often the printer is programmed to perform a particular function automatically.
  • Check the environment and change to suit your requirements.
  • Test if OCR has been mounted on your HP Officejet Pro printer if text cannot be edited.
  • Perform one of the following operating system-based functions.
    • Windows 8: Start – – – > Start bar device – – > All applications – – > Name of the printer – > Tools – – > Configuration of printer & Computer – > Install more devices – – > App Selection configuration – – > OCR.
    • Windows 7, Wintows Vista and Windows XP: Start — > Simple to use Software — > Customize Software Selection — > Printer Setup and Software — > Customize Software Collection > OCR.
  • If you install the HP software on your Macintosh, you cannot install the OCR program. To set it up, insert your printer software CD and press the HP installer button on the printer program.
  • The type of document you pick should be editable. It is marked as graphic, not translated into text.
  • Test the location of the original text. When scanned from ADF as an editable file, the original must be put in the feeder of the automated document. If the paper is scanned from the glass scanner, the initial must be placed on the glass print side of the scanner.
  • The image quality of the original document should be fine.
  • Colored backgrounds can distort the scanned image. It must be noted.


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