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HP Officejet 5255 is a powerful Thermal Ink Jet Printer that is always Network ready for improving office productivity. Your printer can Print, Fax, Scan and Copy over a cable connection and also through a wireless medium. HP OfficeJet 5255 is built with an external USB host and SD Card slot enclosed on a protective circular shield. You may now instantly print photos, fax and copy without accessing the network. Your Printer is capable of handling 125 sheets in Input Tray and 25 sheets in the Output Tray area. You also get an additional Photo tray for loading up to 15 photo postcards and thus neglecting any paper changes. In order to scan fast, your Officejet comes up with an Automatic document feeder that can handle 25 sheets. Your Officejet is suitable for light-duty printing and offers duplexing. You have to install a Black and a Tri-color ink cartridges only, for a consummate yield.

HP OfficeJet5255 is designed with a capacitive 68mm touch screen CGD panel for accessing most of your OfficeJet operations. Using the screen display you can swiftly setup any of the web services instantaneously. Also, you can update and install Web Services from the screen display itself. Primitively, your printer can be connected on a network using the USB cable. Now, OfficeJet5255 is capable of establishing a connection to your network either using Ethernet or Wireless features. Your printer is also presented with Wi-Fi Direct and an NFC mode for guiding the way to Advance Mobile Printing technology. Now you can print wirelessly using a host of mobile printing options, including HP AiO Apps, ePrint and AirPrint. Using the NFC Mode you can now stay connected with your notebooks, mobiles, and tablets all the while for improving internal projects.

Unpack HP OfficeJet 5255 Setup Printer:

  • Firstly try unpacking your OfficeJet for its box and devise it on the table for printer setup
  • Peel off all adhesive tapes and packing from your All-in-One
  • Remove the protective sticker from screen display
  • Lift open the scanner lid to remove all affixed tapes on the scanner glass
  • Draw up from the lateral sides of the Cartridge access door to open it. Try to remove all internal packing and tapes
  • Open the Paper tray totally and then peel of all tapes. Now slide both of the paper width guides away and then rest it on paper tray edges.
  • Load the A4 sheets within the paper tray and then slide the paper width guides towards the print media to hold it firmly
  • Connect the power cable to the wall outlet and switch power ON for your printer and computer
  • Wait until the operating system loads to establish USB cable connectionto your computer and printer
  • Draw the lateral sides of the Cartridge access door upward to open it. Examine the print carriage for idleness. Now Install the HP Ink Cartridges within the cartridge slot and latch it
  • Open the external CD drive and then load the OfficeJet5255 CD and then close the drive. Open the Auto setup file to install printer software
  • Once completed with the installation, try to open the software and give a print command

OfficeJet Control Panel description:

  1. ON button: switches the Printer power control to ON/OFF position
  2. Back button: Returns to the previously viewed screen
  3. Help press button: Opens the Help Menu depending on the option selected
  4. Home button: Retraces to Home Screen
  5. ScreenDisplay: Press the Home button to activate the officejet dashboard
  6. Wireless Light: indicates the different types of automatic wireless connectivity status. Given below is a list of status:
  • A steady blue light infers the readiness of the printer Wireless connectivity
  • Slow blinking light signals a Wireless connection ON, but unsynchronized to network
  • A Fast blinking LED light indicates wireless connection issue
  • No Light indicates unavailability of printer wireless connection

OfficeJet 5255 Sleep Mode:

Your Printer Sleep Mode functions automatically whenever there is unnecessary power consumption. If your printer is kept inactive for 5 minutes then Sleep Mode operation takes into effect. Using Control Panel Screen display you can adjust the time duration for the Sleep Mode operation. Touch the screen display to open the printer dashboard. Scroll and select Setup option. Touch Preferences and then tap Sleep Mode. Now slide the horizontal bar to select from a range of 5, 10 and 15 minutes options to stay away from sleep mode operation.

 123.hp.com/oj5255 Printer Installation in Windows OS

Open the CD drive and then place the OfficeJet5255 series CD to close it. Wait till the Auto setup file opens and then Click Next and proceed with the onscreen instruction set to provide a name for your printer. Click Next and progress further to finish the printer setup installation. You should follow the instructions listed below to open the OfficeJet5255 series software from different Windows OS:

  • Windows 8.1 OS: Click the corner most down arrow available on your Start Screen to view windows desktop. Double click OfficeJet5255 software from the list of available programs to open it
  • Windows 8 OS: Right click on an open space in your Start screen to select Apps Menu. Click All Apps link to view the list of applicationsinstalled. Now click OfficeJet5255 to open it
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7: Click the Start button and then click All Programs tab to open a list of programs. Select HP index and then click the printer folder to open it. Double click to open the OfficeJet5255 software

123.hp.com/oj5255 Printer Installation in Mac OS

Open the CD Drive and then place the OfficeJet5255 series CD and then close it. Wait for the Auto Setup file to initiate the printer setup installation. Click Next and then follow the onscreen instructions to generate a name for your printer. Click Next and then progress further to finish the auto installer program.

Open the OfficeJet5255 series software and then click File menu. Click Print to open the print dialog. Now try to select between Print Using and Use template option available on your print dialog. Respectively select the OfficeJet5255 for the first option and for the second option create a Name for the printer setup. You should follow the instructions listed below to open the print dialog settings from different Macintosh OS:

  • Apple version 10.6: Your print dialog settings is designed with an enumerated list of disclosure triangle buttons that is enabled on a click and then easily set values accordingly
  • Apple version Lion and Mountain Lion: Your print dialog is present with a link termed Show Details. Clicked Show Details to discloses the print dialog settings in a list menu view
  • For earlier Mac versions:Your print dialog settings is designed to be an Popup Menu that contains Page Orientation, Page Size and Scaling Percentage options present in the print dialog. You can select each of the individual preferences to set values implicitly

Printer 5255 Shut down:

Switch Off power from your printer and then wait until the power button light stops glowing. Now you can remove the power cable from the wall outlet. Ensure that there is no flow of current to printer. In an event of imperfect power Off then this result in print carriage unrest deviating from its normal position. This further results in poor quality printing and Ink Cartridge problems.

123 HP Officejet 5255 Printer Driver Installation

Your HP OfficeJet 5255 Printer is present with Printables and ePrint web services for you to effectively utilize it for creative and mobile printing. These Web services are built-in features that are freely available for instant printing over a wireless medium. In order to use these web services, you must first run the Setup and initialize it. Now you can enable the OfficeJet5255 Wireless feature and then try connecting through different mobile devices. Enable the ePrint Service on your printer to receive any print task over an email and thus neglecting the need for accessing network. Printables is a template service that can print from Coupons, Tickets, Forms and Puzzles etc., then and there. Using Family Activities template you may Copy and Scan documents at a lightning fast speed. You can use the preview screen to edit print settings and save them on a network folder.

HP Officejet 5255 Driver Setup on Windows OS:

Press the Start button and then click All Programs to disclose the available list of programs. Click to open OfficeJet 5255 Software. Click the menu Print, Scan & Fax to populate a drop down list. Select Connect Printer to Web option. Click Next and then follow with the screen instructions to provide a Name for your Wireless Network. Click the Next option and then rush through the instruction set to end the Setup.

HP Officejet 5255 Driver Setup on Mac OS:

Open the Utilities folder and then select OfficeJet5255 software to open it. Click Print, Fax &Scanoption and then open Connect Printer to Web. Now follow up with the onscreen instructions to promptly designate a Name and Password to your Wireless Printer Network. Click Apply button and then proceed with the instructions to printer setup.

Open printer software and Click File menu and then Print button to open the print dialog. Now try to select between Print Using and Use template option available on your print dialog. Respectively select the OfficeJet5255 for the first option and for the second option create a Shortcut Name for the printer setup. Click Apply and then try to create a shortcut setup icon.

Setup Web Services over Control Screen Panel:

Touch the Control Screen Panel to activate the dashboard. Scroll to Touch Setup and then tap Web Services Setup option. Touch Accept from screen display to comply with Terms of Usage. Now follow on with the setup till you enable Web Services. If prompted for an update Web Services then Touch Yes button to end the installer setup. Ensure that you follow the same procedure for setting up the ePrint Service. Print Information Page for obtaining the ePrint Email Address, ePrint status, Network status and Printables.

Update Web Services over Embedded Web Server:

Open an Internet browser and then type in the printer IP address to access your Embedded Web Server. Click Web Services heading tab and then locate the Web Services settings zone. Click Install Setup and then follow the onscreen instructions to click Yes for accepting the terms of use. Click the Next button and then check for an Update prompter. Click Yes to install the software update and end it. You can shutdown the printer and then restart it.

HP Officejet 5255 Wireless Setup – 123.hp.com/oj5255 wifi setup

Your OfficeJet 5255 now has the capability to feature an Auto Wireless Connection and also anWi-Fi Direct Access from one device. Your printer is self-configurable over a wireless router network absolutely. You can now immediately Setup an OfficeJet Wireless connection and then begin printing virtually from any device and from any place effectively. Wi-Fi Direct Access is mostly used to make wireless printing achievable within the Local Wireless Network. Before instigating your wireless setup try to configure 802.11b/g/n card on your wireless router network. Ensure that you have the router’s wireless network name and password kept ready for authentication.

HP Officejet 5255 Printer Wireless Connection

Touch Control Screen Panel to open Printer Dashboard. Touch the Wireless shortcut and then tap Settings button. Touch Wireless Setup Wizard and then follow with the screen display to select Wireless. Touch OK and then proceed further until installer prompts for network authentication. Use the screen keyboard option to type in wireless network name and password and then Touch OK to establish a wireless connection. If this connectivity proves to be unreliable then go ahead and change the WEP password Key to WPA passphrase.

123 HP Officejet 5255 Wifi Direct Setup

Touch Control Screen Panel to open Printer Dashboard. Touch the Wi-Fi Direct shortcut and then tap Settings button. Touch Wi-Fi Direct ON/OFF switch control to enable it. Press the Back button to know on the Wi-Fi Direct access details. Using the Wi-Fi Direct Name and Pin you can configure up to 5 mobile devices. Alternate Wi-Fi Direct method is, Press the Start Key button and then click Control Panel to open it in a folder. Select Network folder and Double click to open it. Click Add a Device to the present Wireless Network. Click Next button and then select Wi-Fi Direct. Click Next and then follow up with the onscreen instructions to pass on the Wi-Fi Direct Name and Pin for authentication. Here you do not have any limitation on configuring different mobile devices.

HP Officejet 5255 Ink Cartridges Setup

Your printer entails you to install and maintain a set of Black and Tri-color HP Ink Cartridges only. Therefore you cartridges are long lasting when combined with the efforts of your HP OfficeJet5255 printer. Moreover, your Ink Cartridges are made to print on various types of print media accurately. Try to avoid any dropped or jarred Ink Cartridges from installing it to your printer. Do not break the protective cover from your New HP Ink Cartridges to get a high yield.Remember to switch Off power when printer is not in use so that you can lessen the Ink waste and prevent Ink coagulation.

Replace HP InkJet Cartridges:

Switch Off power from your printer and examine for the print carriage to remain idle. Now draw up from the lateral sides of your Cartridge door to open it. Unlatch the cartridge tab from the depleted HP ink cartridge and then slide the cartridge out to remove it. Keep the new HP Ink Cartridges ready out from its protective cover for installation. Remove the Plastic flaps from the new HP Ink cartridge and according to its color coded letters place them within the cartridge tab and latch it. Push the Cartridge door downward to close it. Switch On power for your printer.

Automatic Single Cartridge print mode:

HP OfficeJet5255 gives you the flexibility to function on Single Ink Cartridge in aid with the printer software. Whenever an HP Ink Cartridge gets depleted or detached then automatically your devices operate on a Single Cartridge Mode. In order to exit this mode, you may have to install all HP Ink Cartridgescompletely.

 HP Officejet 5255 Printer Troubleshooting

HP Officejet 5255 Paper jam issue:

Switch Off power from OfficeJet 5255 and then draw up from lateral sides of Cartridge door to open it. Pull up the paper path shield cover and then examine for any paper jam to be removed. Push the paper path cover to its basicsetup position. Next progressive step is, access the print head on the carriage bar and move it horizontally onwards carriage right end. Check for paper jam and then remove it. Now move the print head horizontally towards carriage left end and then examine for any paper jam to be removed. Push the Cartridge door down to latch it. Next step in clearing paper jam is, disengage your paper tray and then check for paper jam to clear it. Take away all of the A4 sheets from paper tray and then turn around your printer and place it on one of its lateral sides. Access the Cleanout gap that exist within the Control Panel and paper tray to check for any paper jams. Remove all paper jams and torn pieces of paper from cleanout gap and reposition you printer to its normal setup position. Now Replace all A4 sheets to paper tray and then push it to close. Switch On power for HP OfficeJet 5255 printer.

Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge Issue:

Primarily try to use the Control Panel Power button to abort the ongoing print task. Next, Open the Cartridge access door and then try to unlatch all cartridge tabs. Slide out each of HP Ink Cartridges to detach it from the cartridge slots. Use a swab to clean the electrical contact present on the Ink Cartridges. Also try to access the Carriage print head and then find the imprinted electrical contact on the cartridge slot to clean it. Ensure that your Ink Cartridges are free of any plastic flaps or stickers and then try reinstalling all ink cartridges on to its respective slots to latch them. Push the Cartridge access door downward to close it. If Ink Cartridge issue is unresolved then go ahead and reboot your printer.

Problems with HP Officejet 5255 Wifi Connections

Most of the connectivity issues can be resolved using the HP Print and Scan Doctor software. Make sure your printer is configured on a wireless router to connect with the wireless network. You can confirm on successful connection when a Solid blue wireless light is glowing on the printer control panel. If the printer configuration fails then try to relocate your All-in-One towards the nearness of the wireless router network. You can also use different set of passwords to secure an unlimited wireless connectivity.

Resolve Ink Smears:

Use the Clean Ink Smear maintenance service from the control panel to resolve ink smearing on print media. This process may take up several minutes for the paper to roll back and forth till the cleaning program ends. Firstly you should load a single A4 sheet media on to your paper tray and latch it. Press Home button present in the control panel to activate the dashboard. Scroll and select Setup. Touch Printer Maintenance and then tap Clean Page Smears option. Now follow on the screen display till the cleaning program ends.


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