How to Send Fax From Hp Fax – Setup and Configuration

The printer HP   can submit and receive faxes. This also includes fax light. You can send and receive fax easily and quickly if you set up your phone book contacts. Before sending the fax, you can change color, brightness and resolution.

Basic Fax Setup Instructions – Fax Setup

Initially, DSL modem, phone reply computer, and HP   printer are required. Now delete from the phone jack any network cable or telephone apps. Next plug the divider of a phone line into the phone jack. Then plug one end of the cord into the splitter of the phone line. You will connect the other end of the telephone cord to the DSL modem line connection.

Now attach a DSL filter to the other splitter channel. Take another cord of phone. Link the DSL filter to one end. The other end of the printer’s 1 line port. Then attach one end of another telephone cord to the 2-EXT port of the printer of the answering machine. Link the answering machine to the phone now.

 How to Optimize the Fax Sending in HP Printer – Fax Setup?

You may reduce the fax speed to prevent data loss during the transaction. On your telephone answering machine you can set the rings higher than usual. Then turn off the bug fix mode to address fax connection problems. Set the auto response option to receive incoming faxes automatically.

Sending Fax from the Windows

Fax can be sent directly to your machine from WindowsOne before printing it from the printer. But make sure the 8615 HP OfficeJetPro printer is downloaded from the official HP website. And the fax line works correctly.

  • Open the document you want to print first.
  • Click File next in the printer app.
  • Then click on the Print menu option.
  • Now pick the printer in its name in the Name list.
  • Go to Property, Choices, Printer Settings and Software Preferences.
  • After that, all settings will be changed, click ok.

Now type the recipient’s fax number and click on the fax of HP.

Sending Fax from the macOS

Make sure the HP   printer program is up to date before beginning a fax process in your macOS. Next open the document from your machine that you need to fax. Then select the print option in the file menu. Now pick the Fax printer in your name. The fax number must be entered. Check all information again and click on the Fax option.

 Sending Fax from the Phone

Load printing onto the glass of the scanner. Load it up with the print side if you load in the paper feeder.

  • You must dial the fax number from the telephone dial pad connected to the printer.
  • Press fax in the printer control panel.
  • Then click on the option “send now.”
  • When all is done, press the Color or Black button.
  • You can speak by telephone and the fax is transmitted as soon as the telephone is installed.

Bear in mind that you will talk to the recipient when the fax has been sent. You should tell the fax recipient that when they hear the fax, they have to receive a fax.

How to send fax to different destinations- Fax Configuration?

First load the paper onto the scanner glass with the print side. Then press the Fax option in the printer control panel. And press the button Submit Now. Now pick the choice Phone Book. Then select the choice Category. Click the community name you want to give now. Click Send Fax link, finally.

Manually receiving Fax – Fax Setup

Initially complete all the basic printer settings. Make sure the paper is mounted on your printer. If you have any documents in your document feeder, delete them. Tell the sender of your fax to press Send on your fax machine. You can set the Answer Rings to High Number. You can disable the Auto Answer function, which will prevent calls from being answered when you receive the fax.

  • Select fax in the HP  printer control panel.
  • Then press Send and get.
  • Now press the button Receive now.
  • You should hang up or stay on the line until the printer starts to receive the fax.
  • The telephone line stays quiet when processing the fax.
  • Setup Make sure that you initially turn on your scan and fax process.
  • Then press the Fax option from the printer control panel.
  • Tap Setup now and pick Preferences.
  • Then select the type of scanning and fax.
  • On the paper feeder load the initial print side.
  • Then press Fax in the printer control panel.
  • Then press the button Send Now.
  • Then type the fax number of the recipient. Then press Send Fax.

Sending Fax from the Printer Control Panel

  • Load the printing side of the scanner glass paper initially.
  • The written side facing upwards can also be put in the paper feeder. Click the Fax row in HP.
  • Enter the fax number then.
  • The recipient may also be selected from the phone book.
  • Finally, press the button Black or White.

 How to submit fax using fax configuration?

When you use a calling card to send a fax, you can use the stored PIN in the tracking dialing process. To enter your Password, click on the phone book and select the contact option. To pick the telephone book and pick the saved Button.

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