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Envy 6055 Printer is one among the most economical and most powerful brand produced from HP Printers. Envy Printer is a drop-on-demand inkjet Printer designed to be portable and compact. Typically, Envy Printers are multi-functional printers that can Print, Scan and Copy documents for the Users. Your Printer is usually a Home Use devicethat is optimum on Color Printing and Scan Images. One unique feature of Envy printer is its facility to establish Wireless Direct connection and configure various types of Mobile Devices.Also, you may connect your Printer using USB Port and wireless access to connect to a network. Your Printer can be feed 50 sheets in Input Tray and 20 sheets in Output Tray.

HP Photo and Document Printer can render scalable fonts accurately during Print and Copy task. Your Envy Printer produces a high quality, no smear prints every time you need. Your Envy Printer requires you to install a Tri-Color HP Cartridge and a Black HP Ink Cartridge thatis long lasting. Your Envy Control Panel display is a 2.1 Inches Monochrome LCD panel that may be usedaccessing the navigation buttons. ePrint is one of the Web Service which can send a print job over a smart phonewithout accessing your network. Alternately, you maytry HP AiOPrinter Remote mobile apps to print and scan. Moreover, each of your Web Services is of an Automatic Installation Driver type whichcan be swiftly installs over the control panel itself.

Your Envy Printer is built with Quick Forms using which you can create and print calendars, check lists and notebook papers instantly. In addition, You get many types of built-in Forms that is of editable text and Web accessible. Over the Control panel display you can Edit, Copy and Print Photos, Documents at ease. Furthermore, you can get to access more Envy features from Printer Embedded Web Server. You can easily open the Envy Web Server through Web Browser and go on to connect the Envy Network Printers. Eventually you can set the security level for your Envy Printer without the Firewall protection.

 HP Envy photo 6055 Printer Unpacking

  • Simply unpack Envy 6055 initially from the Box to Setup the Printer
  • Snap all tapes and packing’s wrapped on envy printer
  • Peel the stickers present on the Control Panel
  • Open Scanner lid and peel off the stuck tapes
  • Open the cartridge access door and get rid offthe internal packing’s and then the tapes
  • Remove the tapes from the Paper Tray and then slide the pair off your Paper Width guides apart and towards the tray edges
  • Place HP A4 media within the Paper tray container
  • According slide the pair off your Paper Width guides towards the paper and to firmly hold it
  • Switch the Envy power ON and also power up your Computer
  • Wait forthe Windows OS to load and then establish the USB connection to your computer
  • Try connecting the other end of USB cable to Envy6055
  • Open the Cartridge AccessCloset and examine the Carriage for idleness
  • Install the new HP Ink Cartridge within cartridge tab and latch it on
  • Place your Envy 6055 CD on your Computer CDDrive
  • Open Automatic Setup file from Envy 6055 CD folder and then follow up the onscreen instruction to end the software setup
  • Extend the Output Tray for your convenience
  • Give a Print Test Page to exit printer setup

Description of the Envy 6055 Control Panel Display

  1. ON press button: signals Printer power ON/OFF position
  2. Home button: Retraces to Home Screen dashboard
  3. Up button: Press the button to navigate up on all options
  4. Down press button: used to move down from a list of options
  5. Back press button: Retraces to previous screen display
  6. Selection button: utilized in selecting options and to open them
  7. OK press button: Confirms the selection /settingoption
  8. Help button: Displays the Help Topics corresponding to the selected option
  9. Wireless Light: signalsenvy wireless connection status. Few of the status types are
  • A Solid blue LED light signals the readiness of Wireless connection
  • A Slow blinking LED light signals a Wireless connection enabled, rather unsynchronized on network. Make sure that your envy is within the given wireless signal range
  • A Fast blinking LED light signalsa Wireless connection error
  • No Wireless Light indicates Wireless connection OFF status
  1. Wireless button: Press this button to view Wireless status and menu choices. In order to initiate Wi-Fi Protected Setup on Envy, press and hold wireless button till wireless LED light blinks
  2. ePrint press button: Press this button to view ePrint Service Settings.

Auto-Off Mode of Envy 6055 Printer:

Auto-Off Envy Mode is a energy conserving mode that automatically switchestoEnvy OFF, if printer kept unused for a time duration of Two hours. Switch On power in Envy 6055by pressing the ON button located at the front of Control Panel. Even when AutoOff mode is disabled your Envy does goes into Sleep Operation if remained inactive for Five minutes. Whenever a print task is sent to Envy 6055then automatically your device exits Sleep Mode.

You can enable the Auto Off Envy from the Control panel. Press Home button and then use Selection button to choose preferences. Select Auto Off option and enable it On/Off through selection press button. Now press the OK button and confirm selection.

HP Envy photo 6055 Printer Software Setup

 How to Install and open the HP Envy photo 6055 Software in Windows OS:

Place the Envy 6055 installation Disk onto the Computer CD Drive and Open Auto Setup file. Follow the onscreen instructions and give a Name to the Envy 6055. Click Next and proceed further with instruction set to finish the Envy Software Installation. Select the correct Windows Versions to Open the Envy 6055 Software program.

  • Windows 10: Click Start Menu and then click All Apps, choose HP Tab and the click the HP Envy 6055
  • Windows 8.1: Locate from your Start Screen the left corner down arrow and Click it, Double click HP Envy 6055from your Desktop
  • Windows 8: Just Right Click on an empty space in yourStart Screen, Enable the App bar and click All Apps. Click to open HP Envy 6055 software
  • Windows 7, Windows XP andWindows Vista: Click Start Menu and then select All Programs folder, Choose the HP Tab folder and Click the HP Printer. Select and Click the desired Envy 6055 Software

 HP Envy photo 6055 Printer Setup and Installation for MAC OS X:

Place the Envy 6055CD onto your Compact Disk Drive of the Personal Computer and then follow the Automatic instructions Setup to provide a Printer Name. Click Next and proceed with the automatic instruction set to finish Envy 6055 Software setup.

Open Envy software and click File menu and click Print. Click Print Using option or Use option and then select the HP Envy 6055. Click Properties option button to open Print dialog. According to the Mac OS select the Print Properties:

  • Apple OS version 10.6:In order to access print option, Click the blue disclosure triangle available on the Print dialog
  • Apple OS Lion and OS Mountain Lion: In order to access print options, Click on show details link available on the print dialog and use the respective disclosure triangle to set values
  • Also, some of other Mac OS provide Print options in a popup menu, you can select Page Orientation and then set value, select Size and value for Scaling Percentage from popup menu and change print settings. You can go ahead and Click Print to test the printer setup.

Turn Envy Power OFF:

Press the Envy Power Button located at the front of Envy 6055 to turn OFF. Wait for the Power control light to turns OFF.Nowtry to unplug Power Cable. In case you have not properly switched off printer then this results to print carriage not returning to its normal position. Further leads to poor print quality plus Ink Cartridge issues.

HP Envy 6055 Driver Install Setup

HP Envy 6055 offers modern, web-enabled print solutions which can be swiftly setup from your Control panel itself. Once the Driver setup is done then make sure you always enable the connection between printer and network. ePrint and AirPrint services can be used on a Wi-Fi Direct Access. Wireless access can be enabled by just a press of a button over the control panel. HP Quick Forms is easily setup from the control panel to instantly print and scan using the pre-formatted web content.

HP Envy Photo 6055 Driver Setup on Windows OS:

Access the Start Menu and open Envy 6055 software. Click the Print & Scan list box and then double click to select Connect new printer to Wireless Network. Follow the onscreen instruction and then select Wirelessfrom the program prompter. Click Next and proceed with the instruction set to finish the Printer Network connection. Once the Driver setup is done then go ahead and Print the local wireless Information Page.

HP Envy Photo 6055 Driver Setup on Mac OS:

Place HP Utility disk onto the CD drive and then open HP Easy Start Auto Setup file. Follow up with on screen instructions set and select between USB cable and Wireless Network connection. Click Next and proceed to end the Printer Setup.Now you can try to Print the Information Page

In replacement, Open Macintosh Utility folder and then double click Printer & Devices folder.Under print section click Add Printer button to list it in the print queue. Click Print Using or Use option and then choose HP Envy 6055 plus your print settings to finish the Driver Installation.

 HP Envy photo 6055 Wireless Printer Setup

HP Envy 6055 can be connected to Internet through Wireless and Wi-Fi Direct Access.Your Envy 6055 is now more secure and is reliable on a Wireless Connection. In addition, you can try using ePrint Service for Print and Scan on the Go. Initially to setup the Printer Wireless, you should configure Envy Wireless card series 802.11b/g/n using your automatic wireless router setup. Ensure that your Router has a Wireless Network Name, WPS Push button and WEP password key. Next try to check the working condition of the Envy Wireless Network.

 HP Envy Photo 6055 Auto Wireless Connect Setup

Press Home button available on your Control Panel to access Envy Dashboard. Now press Down button and select Wireless feature. Press OK button and enable it. In order to configure wireless setup select the wireless feature and then the Wireless Setup Wizard. Press OK button and then Select ON with Security option using the selection press button. Proceed to press on the Down button until you get a prompt for an wireless network name. Using the shortcut keyboard from the display screen you can type the wireless network name and password. Press OK button and confirm. If you get any security lapses in your wireless connection then you may change the WEP password Key to WPA secure Passphrase.

HP Envy Photo 6055 Wifi Protected Setup:

Press Home button present on your control panel to open Envy Dashboard. Now press the Down button and select the wireless feature. Use the selection press button to choose the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Press OK button to confirm. Select ON with Security method using selection button and then Press Down button. Hold on till a prompter appears on the display screen. Using the display and shortcut keyboard you can go ahead and type the wireless network name and password. Press the OK button and confirm. Try locating the WPS button on Wireless Router and Press it ON. Automatically your Envy 6055 gets configured over the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Note: If Your Wireless Router is unavailable with WPS switch then you may use router software together with WPS Pin security to manually generate the WPS Network name and password.

 Install the Web Services from Envy Control Panel:

Press Home button present on your control panel to open Envy Dashboard. Press the Down button to choose ePrint Service and Press OK tab to confirm selection. Again Press the down key to Accept Terms of Use. Now follow with the onscreen instructions set to install the Web Services easily. Press OK tab to print the info page that is detailed with Printer Email Id, ePrint status and the Printer Network.

 Update the Web Services from Envy EWS:

Use the default Web browser to open Envy 6055 EWS homepage. Click Web Services label and then locate Web services settings. Next click the ePrint setup and then follow up with on screen instruction. Click Yes button for accepting the terms of usage. If automatic software update option appear on screen then Click the Yes button. Now reboot your Envy 6055 and then press ePrint button to enable it.

HP Envy 6055 Ink Cartridge Installation

HP Envy 6055 requires a set of HP Tri-Color and HP Black Ink Cartridge for Printing Documents, Photos and Envelopes. All HP 6055 Ink Cartridges are of long lasting and cost efficient.Avoid the drop and jarring Cartridges from Installation. Remember to switch off the printer power when not in use, and due course you can reduce the Ink wastage and Ink coagulation. Always store your HP Ink Cartridges that comes with the original sealed envelope.

Reinstall Envy Ink Cartridges:

Power off your Envy 6055 and wait until Print carriage stops idle. Draw the Cartridge path door upward to open it. Locate the Cartridge tab to unlatch it. Press down to detach the Ink Cartridge. Remove all Plastic flaps and wrapped packing’s from HP Ink Cartridges. Place the New Ink Cartridges inside the cartridge tab to latch it. Remember to install each of the Ink Cartridges according to its color coded letters and so to complete the installation. Shove the Cartridge Access door downward to close it. Switch ON the Envy Printer power.

Single Cartridge Mode used in Envy 6055 Series:

HP Envy 6055 can be put into Single Cartridge Mode and be utilized with the instruction forwarded from Computer. Your printer automatically gets into single cartridge mode whenever a ink cartridge is found missing or depleted. Just install all of the Ink Cartridges to get away from Single Cartridge Mode.

HP Envy photo 6055 Troubleshooting Printer

Procedure to clear the paper jamming issues:

Firstly, Press the Power control to turn Envy 6055to OFF status. Push upward to open the Cartridge access closet and then remove the cleanout. Clear allof the Paper Jams from rear roller. Next draw the duplexer path cover from its center to lift above. Clear the paper jam. Shove the duplexer path cover to its original position. Replace the cleanout and latch it to prevent foreign debris getting into the paper path. Next, find the print carriage and move the print head towards the far right and then check for paper jam to clear it. Further, move the print head towards the far left to remove paper jam. Close the Cartridge path door by pushing it downward. Next Further step is, remove the Paper Tray entirely to remove all Paper Jams. Now access the Cleanout gap present between the Input Tray and the Control Panel to remove Paper Jams. Press Power button to trigger ON Envy 6055 Printer.

Resolve Envy Ink Cartridge Issue:

Primarily, you can open Cartridge path door upward and unlatch the Ink Cartridge. Remove all the Ink Cartridges and dust off the electrical contact patch that is presented with gold colored dots. Make sure to remove the plastic flaps from each Ink Cartridges. Next locate the cartridge slot and wipe the electrical contact that is affixed to Carriage head. Install the New HP Ink Cartridges according to the cartridge number and corresponding cartridge slots. Press the latches to lock the Ink Cartridges. Push Cartridge access door downward to close it. If Ink cartridge problems prevail then reboot Envy Printer.

Change Envy Network settings:

Press Home button present on the control panel to open Envy Dashboard. Now Press the Wireless button and navigate down the list to choose settings. Using navigation buttons select Advanced settings by pressing Selection button. Now choose between USB and Wireless option. Press OK button and follow up the onscreen instructions set to change Envy Network connection.

Resolve Unexpected Envy shut down:

Check for uninterrupted incoming Power and Power ON switch. If problem prevails then detach the Power cable and wait for Fifteen seconds. Re-connect the power cable on to the wall outlet connection. Ensure that the Power cable is not damaged and then connect the other terminal to Printer. On a regular basis try creating interrupts so that your Envy 6055 does not enters Sleep Mode operation.

Printer Hardware Problem-Shutdown unexpectedly:

Check the Power input and Power ON button. If there is still a issue, disconnect the power string and wait 15 seconds and reconnect it to the wall outlet. Ensure sure the power cord is not harmed and is firmly connected to the HP Envy photo 6255 Printer. Remember to create an interrupt from sleep mode on your printer.


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