123 HP Envy 7640 Fax Setup

The 123 HP Envy 7640 Fax Setup package allows users to send and receive Fax using their 123 HP Envy 7640 All-in-One Printer set. Color faxes used. Users have the ability to schedule faxes to be sent somewhere else and can also set contacts for the telephone book to quickly transfer their faxes using the already numbered feed. Users can also pick and set a range of fax options in the printer control panel easily. The resolution and contrast of your faxes to send can be specified.

How to setup Hp Envy 7640 Fax?

  • The consumer can use the printer control panel to submit a black-and-white or color fax, a fax with one or more lines.
  • Govern your paper (print side up) in the paper feeder. The user can also load the document onto the glass scanner (print down site).
  • The Fax choice is shown in the printer control panel, press Fax.
  • Choose Send Now.
  • You can input the fax number manually and the phone book can also be entered if you want a phone book number.
  • (The user can also select a contact from the number previously dialed or received)
  • Choose Black or White.

 Quick Fax HP Envy 7640 Setup

  • Keep the original document you intend to fax on the HP Envy 7640 Setup printer scanner glass.
  • Place the paper facing down with its printed hand.
  • Call the receiver to let them know that you submitted a fax.
  • Load the correct documents into the input tray.
  • Type the receiving number on the function panel of the HP Envy 7640 printer.
  • Tap the button Black, Color or Submit. A fax report is printed by the printer.
  • Check the documentation and check your printer’s fax status.

 123 HP Envy 7640 Send Fax from Computer

Without printing, users can submit a Fax Document directly from the operating device.

Send a standard fax from your computer system (Windows user)

  • Submit a normal fax (Windows user) from your operating machine.
  • Open your computer paper.
  • Click Print from the file screen.
  • Go to the name column, pick ‘fax’ name of the printer.
  • By going to the Properties dialog you can adjust the settings such as the fax color.
  • After the settings have been specified, click OK.
  • Click Open
  • Write the details of the receiver.
  • If you like, users can also change the settings and press Submit Fax.

Send fax from your computer system (OS X users)

  • Open the fax document you want.
  • Go to the menu of the file and click Print.
  • Choose the name of the ‘fax’ printer in the list.
  • Now enter information about the client, such as the fax number or a name.
  • After all settings and details are ended, press Fax.

123 HP Envy 7640 Send Fax from Mobile

Users can use the Fax phone extension. This makes the user chat before submitting the fax to the receiver.

  • Load your original document into the paper feeder or on the glass of the scanner.
  • You will have to dial the number with your printer-connected phone.
  • (Users can send faxes to the recipient after they hear the fax message, but you’ll hear a fax message from the recipient if the fax machine responds to your call.)
  • On the monitor of the printer control panel, click Fax.
  • Choose Send.
  • Now define the Fax, Black or Transparent text.

The phone stays silent as long as the fax is sent. You can interrupt the call as soon as your fax begins to send or hold on until the fax is sent and you can then speak to the recipient.

 Send fax using monitor dialing from the printer control panel

  • The user is able to send faxes by dialing the monitor and listen to the dial sounds, phone calls and other sounds.
  • Load in the feeder or in the scanner glass your original paper.
  • Click Fax from the printer control panel.
  • Contact Send Now. Send Now.
  • Choose light, black or yellow.
  • Pick Enter Fax number or the recipient from the phone book can be entered.
  • Choose any other choices, if any.
  • Choose Send.


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