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HP Envy 7155 is a multi-functional printer that is versatile on its print, fax, web, scan, copy and photo operations. Your printer is capable of rendering scalable fonts at laser quality prints. HP Envy 7155 entails you to install one HP Tri-color Ink Cartridge and one HP Black Ink Cartridge for an consummate fast printouts. Your printer is dispensed with an Input tray of 125 sheets capacity, an Output Tray that can handle 25 sheets and an Photo Tray having 15 photo card capacity. Now you can reduce the onus and also the delay present in loading print media. Instrumentally, Envy 7155 is built with an external USB Host and SD Memory card reader that is available on the Printer Control panel for a Walk-up photo and print task. Your Envy 7155 Fax feature is integrated on Digital Fax capability and so is present with a memory to store 100 faxes.

Your Printer Control Screen is built on a Capacitative 3.5 inch Color Graphics Display that is highly responsive. Using the intutive Control panel it is much easier to setup the Envy 7155 functions and features. Moreover, your Control Panel can be used to preview documents and edit the brighteness, resolution and contrast levels while Copying and Printing. HP Envy 7155is more often connected on an USB/Ethernet Cable to a network Computer for operating the basic functions of your printer. Your All-in-One is also termed Wireless printer since its ability to connect to a Network on Auto Wireless and Wi-Fi Direct features. In addition, your printer is capable of establishing a Local Wireless Connection on simply pressing the NFC button availableon the Control Panel. You can now stay connected all the while with your Mobiles, Notebooks and Tablets on a Near Field Communication Mode and then enhance productivity in your internal projects. ePrint and AirPrint mobile apps can be used to connect to your printer virtually from anywhere and from any device.

Unpack HP Envy 7155 Setup Printer:

  • Initially unpackHP Envy 7155from its shipment and place it on your desk
  • Remove the adhesive tapes and internal packing wrapped on your printer
  • Peel off the protective sticker present on your Control Panel
  • Lift up the Scanner lid to remove the adhesive tapes found on the scanner glass
  • Pull up from the lateral sides of the Cartridge access door to unlatch and open. Remove the stickers and internal packing
  • Detach the paper tray and then peel off the adhesive tapes and then slide the set of paper width guides on towards the tray edges
  • Load HP A4 Media to your paper tray and then slide the set of paper width guides towards the A4 sheets to keep them firmly unmoved
  • Now connect the power cord to your Envy 7155 and then switch On the power for your computer and printer
  • Wait for the OS to load and to come on a Standby mode. Now try to plug one end of the USB Cable to your computer and the other end to your printer.
  • Open the Cartridge Door and wait till your print carriage remains idle
  • Load the New HP Ink Cartridges within cartridge tab according to color coded letters and lock the tabs
  • Open the CD Drive and then load Envy 7155 software disk. Open the Compact Disk folder and then run the Auto Setup program to install the printer software
  • Now Print a Test Page and exit printer setup

HP Envy 7155 Control Panel description:

  1. Wireless Light: Signifies the printer wireless connectivity status. Some of the manykinds of wireless status are
  • Solid blue light signals the standby mode of your Wireless connection
  • Slow winking LED light signifies the availability of Wireless connection that is unsynchronized on network
  • Fast winking LED light infers an faulty wireless connection
  • No Wireless light signals the abscence of wireless connection
  1. ON button: Switches the Power to ON/OFF status
  2. Back button: Returns to your previously displayed screen
  3. Help press button: Open the Help Menu with a list of help topics to be selected from
  4. Home press button: Returns to your Home Screen
  5. Control Panel display: Touch the tab bar in your Control Panel to activate the printer dashboard.
  6. NFC button: Press the NFC button to enable the printer on Near Field Communication mode. Using the control panel you can select the NFC connected mobile devices to authenticate on printer usage

Envy 7155 Sleep Mode Ops.:

Your printer is designed to remain on the Sleep Mode operation and to efficiently use power. Usually this printer sleep mode comes into effect only if there is no print operation assigned to your printer for about 5 minutes. Use your Control Panel display to change the Sleep Mode time settings. Touch the Control panel to open the printer dashboard. Touch the Setup and tap Preferences option. Touch the Sleep Mode option and then select the available horizontal range from 5, 10 and 15 minutes levels.

123.hp.com/envy7155 Printer Installation in Windows OS

Open and load the Envy 7155 CD on the external CD drive and lock the disk. Now open the CD index and continue downloading automatically. Follow the screen instructions and send your Envy 7155 name when triggered for the printer name. To complete the Installation program, click Next and follow the instructions sequence. Pick from various Windows OS versions and then try opening up the HP 7155 software:

  • Windows 8.1: Press the left hand cornered button on the start screen to access programs and files on the desktop. Double-click on the app Envy 7155
  • Windows 8: Install the App menu, right click on an empty space in your start screen. Now press All Apps and pick the Envy 7155 app.
  • Windows 7, XP and Windows Vista OS versions: Click the Start menu Key and press All programs. Use HP index and press Printer to open it in a tab. Double click to open the app Envy 7155.

123.hp.com/envy7155 Printer Installation in Mac OS

Open the external CD drive, then load the printer CD HP 7155 and close the drive. Access the folder of the CD Drive and then open the Envy 7155 Auto Setup tab. Follow the screen instructions now and then go ahead and send a preferred printer name if a printer title is activated. Select Next and continue with the instructions set to finish downloading the program.

Open HP 7155 Printer and then Click File and then Print Tab. Open HP 7155. Select either Use a prototype or Print Application, and choose a name for your printer setup, or go ahead and pick the HP Envy 7155 from the dialog for print. Now you can press the Properties / Options button in the available Macintosh version:

  • Apple 10.6 OS: The printed dialog consists of several blue disclosure triangles which can be opened by clicking on them. You can now set values for every property you print.
  • Lion & Mountain Lion Apple Version: Click on the Show information button in your print dialog. Your print choices are now published in a list to set values
  • Your printing properties are generated to be accessible from a popup menu that you have in your print dialog for previous Macintosh OS. Now, from pop-up display, select Page Orientation, Scaling Percentage and Paper Length, etc ..

Switch HP 7155 OFF:

Switch off your printer power and wait until the power button displays no light to remove the power cable. If you imperfectly operate the Power button, the result is that the carriage is printed in the original position. That’s why the prints are of low quality and contribute to problems with Ink Cartridge.

123 HP Envy 7155 Printer Driver Installation

HP Envy 7155 is based on creative print solutions which can be accessed through the touch screen. Many of your Web services are easy to install, intuitive Install programs in your applications. Enable the appropriate Web Service to operate it instantly. Using the ePrint facility to print your printer eMail Inbox documents and thereby reduce the cost of network access. You can also use AirPrint and HP AiO Remote Apps for wireless printing of documents. Your Envy 7155 is also primitively built with NFC Mode to establish a local wireless connection. You can always stay connected to various mobile devices using NFC and then improve productivity. HP Printables contains pre-formatted and print-ready tickets, forms, coupons and puzzles etc. Your printer can also print images using a preview screen for editing and image enhancement with the picture feature.

 HP Envy 7155 Driver Setup on Windows OS:

Click on the Start button, then click on the All Programs Register. Now select and click the program HP Envy 7155. Click the frame of the Print and Scan menu and select Connect Envy 7155 to the Web option. Click Next and follow the directions in the screen to give your envy network a name. Click Next button and continue the installer program instructions.

HP Envy 7155 Driver Setup on Mac OS:

Open the folder of Mac Utilities and then run the HP Envy 7155 program. Click the listdown button Print and Scan and then find the print settings. Choose the Connect Envy 7155 to the Web option and then follow the instructions on the computer. Once the Network link is activated, pick Wireless, or build your printer with a Wireless Name and Password. To confirm, click OK. Choose Print Use and Use from the interchangeable options and then select an Envy 7155 printer for the former option, while for the latter choice create a printer name for your desire. To build a printer setup shortcut, press Apply button.

Enable Envy Control Panel Access Web Services:

Touch the Capacitive Control Panel and pick Settings. Tap Web Services Setup and then press Yes. Press Yes. Click Now Accept to follow the terms of use. Follow the ePrint Service screen instructions. Please now check for Auto Update and tap Yes or go ahead and print the information page. This page includes an email address, ePrint control status, network status and printable information.

Printer EWS Upgrade Envy Web Service:

Open a Web browser and the Printer IP Address to access the Embedded Web Server by form of address bar. Click on the frame for Web Services and find the settings region of Web Services. Click Install ePrint and follow the instructions for the screen. To adhere to the terms of use, press Yes. If updated, click Yes and then follow the instructions set for the driver installation to end. Click Yes. The Envy 7155 System can now be restarted.

HP Envy 7155 Wireless Setup – 123.hp.com/envy7155 wifi setup

HP Envy 7155 is capable of self-configuring and then connecting to a wireless network automatically. Your printer is thus enabled with Internet and so your Google Cloud Printing service is now possible. Envy 7155 also provides Wi-Fi Direct for establishing a Local Wireless Network through configuring different Mobile devices. Primarily, try to configure the Network 802.11b/g/n Card to your wireless router and then check for an Internet Connectivity. Now write down the Wireless Network Name and WEP Key that is printed at the back of your Router.

HP Envy 7155 Printer Auto Wireless Connection Setup

Touch the capacitive Control Panel and then Touch Wireless shorcut option. Touch Settings and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard. Now choose Wireless from the follow up screen and then enter the Wireless Network Name and WEP Key from the screen keyboard. Touch OK to confirm and then to exit the Setup Wizard. If your Auto Wireless is unreliable and is found on Security lapses then try altering the current password with WPA passphrase. Alternately, Press the Start Menu key and then click Control Panel/Utilities folder to open it. Select and open the Network folder window and then Click on the link Add a device to your existing Wireless Network. Now follow up with the screen instructions and then promptly type in theWireless Network Name and WEP Key for authentication. Click Next and then complete the Wireless printer setup.

123 HP Envy 7155 Wifi Direct Setup

Touch the capacitive Control Panel and then Touch Wi-Fi Direct shorcut option. Touch Settings and tap the Wi-Fi control On/OFF button to enable it. Now press the Back button and return to your previous screen. Now you get the Wi-Fi connection details on your screen. Ensure that you have made a note of yourWi-Fi Direct Name and Pin. Use the Wi-Fi LogIn details to configure different Mobile devices. Alternately, press the Start button and then select Control Panel/Utility folder to open it. Now open the Network folder window and then Click Add a device to your existing Wireless Network. click next button and then select the Wi-Fi Direct. Now follow up with the onscreen instructions and then promptly type in the-Fi Name and Pin for authentication. Click Next to complete the Wi-Fi setup.

123 HP Envy 7155 ePrint Setup

Touch the capacitive Control Panel and then Touch the ePrint shorcut option. Touch the Web Services Settings to enable ePrint and then tap the option Display Email Address. Make a note of your ePrint Email Address. Install the ePrint apps in your Mobile and then open the ePrint web sharing resource. Next access your ePrint apps and then Touch Text file option to upload document. Upload file and then enter the ePrint email address on the search text box and search it. Select the proximity ePrint device and then Touch Print tab to Print on the Go. Alternately, access ePrint apps and then Touch Email option to upload attachment. In the email template select the address text field and then enter the ePrint email address. Now Touch send button to print.

Near Field Communication Wireless Setup:

Your Printer Control panel is present with a NFC button for achieving Local Wireless connection. Now press and hold the NFC button to enable it. Try to switch ON the NFC access at 2.4 GHz in your Mobile and Tablets for readily connecting with your printer. Now access the screen display and then select a corresponding mobile device from which your printer may be operated.

 HP Envy 7155 Ink Cartridges Setup

Your Envy 7155 solely requires a Tri-color dye-based Ink Cartridge and another Black pigment based Cartridge for printing on various types of media. Your HP Ink Cartridges are high yielding and is compatible for instant Printing. Always try to switch off the printer power when not in use so that you minimize ink waste and ink cogulation. Do not open the protective sealed package from your HP Ink Cartridge till you need them for installation.

Reinstall HP 7155 Ink Cartridges:

Switch the Power Off from your Envy 7155. Now wait for the print carraige to become silent and idle. Pull up the Cartridge door and find your Cartridge tabs. Unlatch the plastic tab and then press the ink cartridge to uninstall it. Now open the protective cover and remove the New HP Ink Cartridge. Try to remove the plastic flaps from the new cartridge. Slide the New Ink Cartridge within the cartridge slot and then latch the tab firmly. Remember to install all the HP Ink Cartridges corresponding to its color coded letters. Push the Cartridge door down to lock it. Switch the Power On for your Envy 7155.

Envy 7155 Single Cartridge operation mode:

You can operate Envy 7155with only single ink cartridge installed and using the Envy 7155 software. Whenever an HP ink Cartridge getsempty or depleted then automatically your printer operationgoes in to Single Cartridge Mode. Replace all HP Ink Cartridges to exit the Single Cartridge Mode.

HP Envy 7155 Printer Troubleshooting

HP Envy 7155 Paper jam issue:

Press the printer power button to turn Off electricity. Pull up the lateral sides of your Cartridge door to open it. Raise the Paper path cover and check for any paper jams to remove it. Clear away any torn bits and pieces of paper existing on the wheels and rollers. Rest the Paper path cover on its normal position. Next, access the print carriage and then slide the print head to far right end and try finding for paper jams to remove it. Again try sliding the print head to far left end of your print carriage and then find for paper jams to be removed. Push downward your Cartridge door to latch it on printer. Next step is, disengage the paper tray entirely and then find paper jams to remove it. Now unload all the A4 sheets from paper tray and then devise your printer on one of its lateral sides. Check for any paper jams present in the Cleanout gap and then remove it. You can now place the Envy 7155 to its usual Setup position.Now place the A4 sheets back to your paper tray and then latch it to your printer. Press the printer power button to turn On electricity.

Clean Ink Cartridges:

Initially, press the power button to terminate the ongoing Print task. Now open the Cartridge door and then locate the cartridge tabs. Unlatch each of the cartridge tabs and then select and press a ink cartridge to detach it. Also, try removing the rest of cartridges using the above procedure. Now clean the electrical contact found in your Ink Cartridge using a swab. Repeat it for other cartridges also. Examine Ink Cartridges for the presence of any Plastic Flaps and then ensure to get rid off it. Next try to access the cartridge slot and then use swab to clean the electrical contact present on the carriage head. Once the cleaning is done with all cartridge slots then go ahead and Install the Ink Cartridges to its original positions, respectively and then latch it with the cartridge tabs. Now close the Cartridge door and latch it to printer. Press the Power button for your printer and reboot it.

Problems with HP Envy 7155 Wifi Connections

Use HP Print and Scan Doctor software to troubleshoot from basic issues to complex issues present in your Auto Wireless Setup. Make sure your printer is connected to the network using wireless router. Also, check for the Wireless LED light to be glowing in Solid Blue color. In case your printer is unsynchronized on network then try to move your printer towards the proximity of your router. If your wireless connection link breaks often then try to change the password to WPA text passphrase.

Envy 7155 shuts down Issue:

Primarily check the incoming power for continuity and an uninterrupt flow. Next, check the Power button for its proper functioning. Later, try to disconnect your power cable from the wall outlet and wait till 15 seconds passes by. Make sure that your Power cable is devoid of any spurious damage. Now Re-connect the power cable back to the wall outlet and Power ON your printer. Lastly, try habitually creating interrupts on a routine basis to exit from Envy Sleep Mode operation.


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