HP Envy 4500 scanner setup

Using the HP website to install the full function driver and connect the printer to the device. The bundle of HP drivers released in 2011 and later supports the scan feature on all types on printers.

HP Envy 4500 Windows scanning setup

  • This page shows you the first steps to configure HP Envy 4500 Scan.
  • Next, visit the Download Page of HP customer software and driver to download the driver and software to enter your printer’s model number.
  • Then select the app next to the complete function engine.
  • Select the program to install and suggest HP scans to connect the printer stick to the guided Hp Envy 4500 setup instructions.
  • Firstly, close the scanner lid when the paper or the side of the scanner glass is scanned.
  • The scan button or scan menu is available in most printer models. Pick your machine name and form of work scan first. When the scanning is completed.
  • Enter the machine to open the directory and save the scan, then you can show the scan to open the file.
  • If you wish to have additional scan functions or if your printer has no scan button, continue with the following steps.
  • Search for HP and select your printer model name from the HP Printer Windows Assistant results to open.
  • Next, select Scan an HP scan document or picture.
  • First, pick the shortcut that gives the desired file type and operation.
  • Then follow the steps to manage the scans and save them.

Preview and edit scan: After scanning click the Scan Preview or Display Viewer to adjust the scan.

Save Scan Location Change: Pick advanced settings or more, press Destination and choose the navigation near the Save Folder or Save Location.

Finally, pick Ok or save the settings icon.

HP Envy 4500 Scan: How to scan e-mail documents

Make sure you have installed Adobe Reader software on your computer before saving pages or images as a PDF file using the HP scan program.

  • For scanning of multi-page document or photo in 1 PDF format
  • Save several images in one file using PDF document-related shortcuts.
  • Settings for resolution should be 300 DPI or less.
  • Search HP in windows and choose your printer model from the results to open HP Printer Assistant.
  • Choose to save in the HP scan as a PDF or text.
  • Now pick Save if your pages are scanned from the ADF. All pages are saved in one tab automatically.
  • If it is scanned using the glass scanner. Put the next page or picture in the glass scan window and click the Plus button to scan the next object. Continue this step until you search all pages and images.
  • Choose Save As File form. Then pick the name of the file and the folder you want to store the scan in.

 Scanning documents or photos into the computer

  1. Download the program and driver visit HP customer service program and driver downloads page to access the printer model. Check documents or images on screen. Choose to download the complete User-Product Installation program feature module.
  2. Link the stick to your setup instructions and choose the program you want to use and recommend HP.
  3. Depending on the form and features of your printer, load your document or image in the scanner glass, document feeder slot or in the automatic document feeder.
  4. Search the windows for your HP, select the name of your printer model to open the HP Printer Assistant and scan a document or a photo to open the HP scan.
  5. Now pick the shortcut that suits the file form and the action you want, make the appropriate adjustments and click on the right pane.

HP Envy 4500 Scan: saved Multi-page documents or photographs as a single PDF file

Making sure you have Adobe Reader software in your computer before using HP scan software to save multiple pages and pictures as a PDF file.

  • For scanning of multi-page document or photo in 1 PDF format.
  • Using PDF document-related shortcuts to save numerous images in one format.
  • 300 DPI or lower resolution settings.
  • Search HP in windows and choose your printer model from the results to open HP Printer Assistant.
  • Choose to save in the HP scan as a PDF or text.
  • Then, select Save if your pages are scanned from the ADF, and all the pages are saved in one folder automatically.
  • Now place the next page or picture in the glass and press the plus button for scanning the next object in the HP screen preview window. Repeat this process until you have scanned all pages and images.
  • Pick the file name and folder you want the sample to be stored in.

HP Envy 4500 Scan Link error displays

The failure to install software or printer is an error in connecting or communication error when trying to scan can trigger a network problem.

Network contact scanner error

An error in contact or link occurs when a device or scanner has not been identified. Follow these steps to solve the problem.

  • Now check if the problem is printing-related.
  • Then restart the system and test the driver scan settings.
  • Also, check network and printer connection status.
  • Run the print now and check the doctor.
  • Then uninstall the program for the printer.
  • Restore the HP program now.
  • Also, check the windows image acquisition settings.
  • Eventually, momentarily disable the firewall program.

USB scanner link failure

  • Obey these steps to fix problems when a USB link error occurs.
  • Restart your machine and printer now.
  • To check the connection to the USB.
  • Then run the doctor for printing and scanning.
  • Uninstall the device of the printer now.
  • Check for printer devices installed, too.
  • Afterwards, reinstall HP apps.
  • Test the acquisition settings for Windows Picture now.


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