123 HP Desk Jet 3755 printer ePrint Setup

HP ePrint is a free HP web service for printing files from anywhere. This is an easy process to turn on the printer’s Web Services. Without special drivers, HP ePrint functions. Sign in to an HP linked account to show your HP ePrint job status and use your e-mail HP ePrint address to print anywhere. For more information, please visit 123.hp.com/dj3755 directly.

It is a free HP Service that helps you to print anytime, anywhere, on your HP ePrint printer. It’s a simple procedure like sending an email to your printer’s email address. No other drivers need to be installed for this service. All you have to do is turn on the web services.

HP Desk Jet 3755 printer step-by- step procedures to ePrint

  1. Check if the web services have been allowed. Otherwise, turn to Cloud Services.
  2. To access the information tab, press the HP ePrint button and the Information button to find the e-mail address for your printer.
  3. If you find your e-mail address you must email your document to the printer using the Open your e-mail application for any computer that you use such as mobile phones and smart devices
    • Attach the document that will be printed by creating a new e-mail.
    • Now send the email to the printer e-mail.
    • The printer will print the attached document automatically.


  • You just need to enter the e-mail address HP ePrint in the “To” area. There should be no other email addresses in the area.
  • When an email has been submitted, it will still be posted.
  • The text flow and formatting may vary from the original document to check the print status on hp.connected.com.
  • For higher quality documents such as legal documents, it is recommended to use a more controlled computer to print correctly.


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