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HP DeskJet 3752 is a Multi-functional Printer that can primarily Print, Copy and Scan and so they consume less space. It is considered to be a home office based printer that does not require driver installation for most of your print operations, except the DeskJet 3752 Software. Your DeskJet Printer is a drop-on-demand Thermal InkJet Printer that is both compact and portable. All DeskJet 3752 Printers are made on a Print Forward Design to improve on Print Speed and Quality. Moreover, your HP Deskjet 3752 does not support multi-tasking and are efficient at printing in high volumes. You get an Input Tray that can hold 60 sheets and an Output Tray with 25 sheets capacity. Your DeskJet 3752 Copier entails you to install and maintain a tri-color and a Black HP Ink cartridge that makes it an affordable device for printing Photos, Envelopes and Documents etc., Your Printer Control panel is built on Press buttons that are steeply arranged on the left side of the DeskJet Scanner. Some of the instantly accessed buttons are Copy, Cancel, Resume and Power controls. You may use the resume button to resolve some of the basic print issues. Also, you can make use Cancel press button to terminate the current print task and so avoid the paper jam issue.

Unpack HP Deskjet 3752 Setup Printer:

  • To initially Setup the HP DeskJet3752 Printer, simply unpack theAll-in-One from the Box
  • Cut to open all tapes and remove packing’s that is wrapped on your DeskJet
  • Remove all stickers that is stuck on your Control Panel
  • Lift open DeskJet Scanner lid and unwrap all tapes that is stuck
  • Open cartridge access door and remove the internal packing’s and tapes
  • Remove all tapes that is stuck onyour Paper Tray and then slide both of the Paper Width guides apartto rest them on tray edges
  • Load HP A4 sheets on the Paper Tray
  • Adjust both the Paper Width Guides accordingly to hold the A4 Paper sheets firmly
  • Switch the Power ON for DeskJet3752 Printer and Personal Computer
  • Wait for the Windows OS to boot and then connect the USB data cable to your computer
  • Now connect USB cable’s other end to your Printer
  • Open Cartridge Access Closet and check for the Carriage that is to be idle and silent
  • Load the new Ink Cartridge inside DeskJet cartridge tab and place the latch
  • Place HP DeskJet3752 compact disk on to the CD Drive and then Open Auto Setup file for installing your HP DeskJet Software executables
  • Extend your Output Tray for fetching sheets
  • Print Test Page now to exit from the printer setup

DeskJet 3752 Control Panel description:

  1. Power button and LED Light: You can operate the Printer Power in ON/OFF mode
  2. Power button LED Light: used to indicatethe three types of Operation Status. When Power Light gets Dim then your copiergoes into Sleep Mode, else Blinking Light then this signals a print operation, else if Fast LED Blinking then this indicates Error State.
  3. Cancel Press button: used to Stop the current task
  4. ResumePress button and LED Light: Press this button to continue with the Print Job. The Resume light ON indicates that your DeskJet is in a error state or warning state
  5. Start Copy Black Press button: Press this button to initiate a Black Copy Task
  6. Start Copy Color Press button: Use this button to initiate a Color Copy Task
  7. Ink Alert LED Lights: If both of the LED Lights glowing then this indicates that both of the HP Black and HP Tri-Color Cartridges is installed correctly, and when the Ink Alert LED Lights blinking then this designates a low ink alert or an ink cartridge issue

Auto-Off feature:

Auto Off DeskJet feature is inherently an energy saving method that is present in your Printer. This mode will automatically turn the Printer OFF status, if remained unused for 2 hours. Turn ON the printer power by simply pressing the Power ON button that is present on the printer Control panel. Even when Auto Off mode is disabled your printer does gets into Sleep Mode operation if kept unused for 5 minutes. Sleep Mode operation is indicated through Dimmed Light status on the Power button. Whenever a Print task is sent to your printer then automatically your device exits the Sleep Mode operation. Your Sleep Mode time duration cannot be changed and is set on a default value for all DeskJet Printers.

HP DeskJet 3752 Software Setup

123.hp.com/dj3752 Printer Installation in Windows OS

Load HP DeskJet3752 CD onto the Compact Disk Drive present in your Computer. Open the CD Drive and double clickAuto Setup file. Now follow with the automatic onscreen instructions and if prompt for a Name, you can assign a Printer Name of your desire and Click Next button. Complete the onscreen instructions to end the DeskJet SoftwareAuto Setup. You can select the right Windows OS and then Open HP PrinterSoftware.

  • Windows 8.1: Access the lower left corner of your Start screen and Click on the down arrow and then double click the HP DeskJet3752Softwarethat is available on your desktop
  • Windows 8: Right Click on an empty space in your Start screen, access the App bar and then Click All Apps. Double click the HP DeskJet3752 software.

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP: Locate Start Menu and Click it, then choose All Programs Tab, Choose HP Tab and then Click the HP DeskJet Folder. Select and Click the HP DeskJet3752software

Install HP DeskJet 3752 Software in MAC OS:

Place HP DeskJet3752 CD onto the Compact Disk Drive in your Macintosh. Open the Disk Drive access and double click the CD Drive folder. Select and Click Open DeskJet3752 Setup. Now follow on with the onscreen instructions till a prompt appears, provide a Printer Name and Click Next button. Complete the Automatic Setup and finish the DeskJet Software Installation.

Open printer software and click File menu and then click Print option. Click Print Using or Use and then choose HP DeskJet3752 Printer. Click Properties tab to open a Print dialog. According to the Macintosh Software select the Printer Setup.

  • For Apple OS v10.6: Click on the blue disclosure triangle in order to set values for various print optionsavailable on your Print dialog
  • For Apple OS Lion and Mountain Lion: Click on show details linkin your print dialog and Click the corresponding disclosure triangle to set values for each print setting
  • If Print options menuis available in your Print Dialog, then click the Popup Menu and set values for Page Orientation Layout, Size and Scaling Percentage

Power Off the DeskJet 3752 Printer:

Press the Printer Power switch located on the Control Panel to switch off the printer. Detach the Power Cable only if Power light is off. Resulting which the Print Carriage does not returns to its normal position if printer power is imperfectly off. In addition, you might get Ink Cartridge issue and then a poor quality Print.

 123 HP Deskjet 3752 Printer Driver Installation

HP DeskJet Copier provides an modern print solutions that is swiftly setup using printer software. You can print photos, documents and envelopes using the printer and USB Data transfer cable Network. You can now simply rely on the Press buttons Start Copy Color, Start Copy Black and Resume buttons for a print, scan and copy operations.

HP Deskjet 3752 Driver Setup on Windows OS:

Click Start Menu to Open DeskJet 3752 software. Click Utilities menu and select Printer Setup & Software option. Click Connect a new printer button and follow up with onscreen instruction. When prompted for connection option then select USB cable. Click Next and proceed with on screen instructions to end the DeskJet Driver Installation. Now you can open any document and Click Print to verify the USB connection and Printer.

HP Deskjet 3752 Driver Setup on Mac OS:

Open Mac Utilities folder and double click to Open DeskJet 3752 software. Double click Print to find Print section and then Click the option, Connect a new printer and then follow with the onscreen instructions. When connection option appears then select USB. Click Next to confirm the setup and to finish the Driver Installation.

In lieu, Open Mac System Preferences and then double-click Print and Scan. Access the Printer section and then Click Add Printer option to list in the print queue of Macintosh menu. When prompted to select the Printer Connection optionthen select USB connection and Click Next. Proceed with the automatic instructions setup and then click either Print Using or Use and choose HP DeskJet3752and print settings to end the Driver Install.

HP Deskjet 3752 Ink Cartridges Setup

HP DeskJet 3752 entails youto install a pigment based Black and a dye-based Tri-color Ink Cartridge for printing at high quality. HP Ink Cartridges installed on your deskjet printer is an Instant Ink Ready Print type and of high yield nature.Make sure you turn off DeskJet3752 while not in use,so that you can avoid ink waste and ink coagulation. Always store your HP Ink Cartridges with the original sealed package.

Replace Ink Cartridges:

Switch Printer power Off and wait till print carriage remain idle and silent. Shove the Output tray downward to rest it. Push the Cartridge Access cabinet downward to open it. Unlatch each of the existing cartridge tab and then Press down the old Ink Cartridges to remove it. Detach the plastic flaps and packing from New Ink Cartridge. Place your New Ink Cartridge inside the Cartridge tab and then latch it on. Ensure to install each Ink Cartridges respective to theircolorcoded letters.Simulate the above procedures to install all Ink Cartridges. Push the Cartridge Access closet upward to close it.

Use DeskJet on a Single Cartridge Mode:

HP DeskJet3752 can be operated overthe Single Cartridge mode through instructions carried out bycomputer. Whenever a Cartridge gets depleted or removed then your DeskJet automatically goes into the Single Cartridge Mode. You can exit the single cartridge mode by simply installing all Ink Cartridges.

HP Deskjet 3752 Printer Troubleshooting

Procedure to clear all paper jams from Input Tray:

Firstly, you can press the Cancel button to stop the current Print task from paper jamming. Now press the power OFF button to switch the printer off. Remove by pulling Paper path cover upward to detach it from Input Tray and then check for any paper jam. Restore the Paper path cover to its original position to prevent any foreign debris falling within. Pull the Cartridge access closet downward to open it. Ensure that the print carriage is silent and idle. Now move the print head towards the far right and then check for any paper jam. Further slide the Print head towards the left side end and check for any paper jam and remove it. Push the Cartridge access closet upward to close it. Next step is to remove the Input Tray entirely and turn the deskjet printer all overto place it on your desk. Now open the Cleanout Door by pulling both tabs. Clear away any Paper Jams and torn pieces of paper. Push Cleanout Door to snap it close. Attach the Input Tray to your Printer. Press the power control to turn the printer on.

Resolve HP Ink Cartridge Issue:

Initially you shoulduse the Cancel press button to terminate the ongoing Print task. Pull the Cartridge access closet downward to open and to detach the empty Ink Cartridges.Dust off the electrical contact which is shown in golden dots on Ink Cartridges. Now, findout your Cartridge slot and then clean the electrical contact that is present in the Carriage head. Make sure to remove the plastic flaps from all the Ink Cartridges. You can go ahead and install all New Ink Cartridges, according to the color coded slots. Push the Cartridge access closet upward to close it and press Resume button to continue with the current print task. If more Cartridge problem exists then reboot the Copier.

Troubleshoot Printer shut down issue:

Check for an uninterrupted incoming Power and thenthe printer power ON button. Next, try to detach the Power cable and then wait for about 15 seconds. Re-connect the Power cord back to wall outlet. Check for any damage present in the Power cord. Now connect it firmly to your HP DeskJet3752 Printer. Further, you can create interrupts on a regularfrequency to exitthe DeskJet Sleep Mode operation.


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