HP Embedded Web Server (EWS)

HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) is a printer portal that can be accessed via a web browser to monitor settings, get alerts and perform maintenance tasks.

We may open the Printer Homepage in various ways, the Printer IP address and the unique identification number assigned to the printer by connecting Printers to the Local Network Connection. Insert the data into the address bar of the Web browser.

Using HP Smart App Update

Hp Smart App to your Desktop and mobile devices in the play store (Android) and the iOS app store.

Connecting Printer to the Printer with Wi-Fi Direct

Make Direct Wireless Link Setup and then enter the IP address in a web browser adress bar.

Using the IP address (LAN-enabled printers)

  • Until the printer is enabled to the local network, receive the IP address and use it on the client (PC or mobile devices). The Printer site will then be accessed.
  • Ensure the connection of your Printer and Laptop or Mobile Device to the same network.
  • Get the IP Address for Printer.
  • Printer with touchscreen control panel: Recognize the IP address in the Wireless menu or network setup.

Printer does not have a touchscreen control panel:

  • By printing a network test page, get the IP address.
  • For certain versions, type in the report printing Wireless Information buttons
  • Then view the Web Security Certificate.
  • To allow EWS services, open the Printer Homepage by clicking on Continue.

 HP Smart App

  • HP Smart App can be used in both Android and Mac OS mobile devices. In Windows 7,10 models, HP Smart App can be easily downloaded.
  • Enable your Computer with HP Smart Software. Then go to Access The Printer Homepage in the Settings tab.
  • Ensure that your printer is connected to the same network, and the machines you want to install.
  • Download and update HP Smart Software from Play Store and App Store for Android Device and iOS devices respectively.
  • To avoid signal loss, make the printer and the computer (PC or Mobile) close to each other.
  • Then open the Smart App and use the instructions to attach your printer.
  • Tap Printer Home Screen print name.
  • Choose Advanced Settings or the Home Printer Page (EWS) by scrolling down the settings page.
  • Then view the Web Security Certificate. Click on Continue to access the Printer homepage.

Wi-Fi Remote Link Access

The Printer site using Remote Wireless Communication with Laptop or mobile devices

  • Make the Printers and Devices that you want to attach closely.
  • Make sure the paper tray is filled and the ink cartridge is mounted properly before turning the printer on.
  • Get the name of the wifidirect printer and the Network Password.

Printers with control panel display:

To obtain login credentials, open the Wifi Direct settings or click the wifi path button.

Printers haven’t control panel display:

  • Enter a report that lists the name and SSID password in the Info button to print. If this doesn’t work, Contact us for direct link to Wifi Printer.
  • To see the network lists available, open the Wireless Settings on your devices.
  • Choose the name of the wifi direct printer from the network list, and enter the name and password of SSID.
  • Enter in the Address bar of web browsers.
  • After website security displays, press Proceed to open the Printer homepage once.
  • After making improvements, reconnect to wifi network.


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