123.hp.com/oj250 – Instructions to download and setup HP printer

The HP Officejet 250 is a multifunction and inexpensive printer. The printer can generate graphical output of high quality, and is compatible with large and small businesses. Further work done with increased speed and the automated feeder for papers. The printer has inkjet technology, and duplex printing technology as well. The HP ePrint program lets you print from anywhere from the mobile device using the 123.hp.com/oj250 printer. The printer performs tasks of copying, writing, scanning and faxing. To get clear fonts and smear free print outputs, use genuine HP ink cartridge. The printer program available at 123.hp.com/setup250

HP Officejet 250 Printer Setup Setps

  1. Then use a cutter to remove the box from the printer. You can see printer manuals, ink cartridges, power cord and fax cord within the envelope.
  2. Then take the printer out of the package carefully and hold it in a plain surface and remove all the wrapping materials from outside and inside the printer.
  3. Lift the scanner bed next, cut the sheet of plastic inside and close the door. Put the paper tray onto the printer now.
  4. Place the ink cartridges in the carriage after attaching the power cord to the printer and power the paper on the printer. To compare the colors in the cartridge and in the slot. Next you have to check the alignment page prints to maximize the printer ‘s print heads.

123.hp.com/oj250 – Enabling the Web Services

  • To use a web-connected computer for printing and exchanging documents with an HP Officejet 250 printer, you need to connect your printer to an HP app.
  • Firstly link your printer to network through either wireless connection or Ethernet connection. Next activate your printer’s web services feature. To do so go to the control panel of your printer.
  • And to switch to second page, press the right button. Next click the Settings icon then from the list press the Web Service option.
  • Now press Continue in the next tab then yes in the next section to approve the policy terms.
  • Your printer then searches for new printer updates available. Upon applying all the changes the information sheet prints for Web Services.
  • Each sheet includes information needed to register your printer in the HP Connected account.
  • Then navigate to 123.hp.com/oj250 or to 123.hp.com/setup 250 on your computer. Next click at top right corner to build account.
  • After that, enter all the information in the registration form, and press the account development button.
  • You must then insert the printer claim code from the Web Services information sheet on the following tab.
  • And click on the “Add Printer” button to get the success message added to the printer. Next add your email address to your printer and verify it.

123.hp.com/oj250 – Apple AirPrint Setup

  • Link your iOS computer initially to a local network. You would then have to search your printer’s network status.
  • To do so, press the wireless button and information at a time. Or you can click the black and wireless button for launch copy simultaneously.
  • If you have trouble connecting the printer to the network click and hold the wireless buttons and cancel. Keep them up until the light of power blinks.
  • Wait until the wireless light blinks. Your printer will now be in setup mode for next 48 hours.
  • You then need to set up the printer within 48 hours in a wireless connection. Now push and hold the router’s WPS-button.
  • After that the wireless light stops blinking within a few minutes and becomes steady in the printer control panel which indicates the wireless network connection between the printer and the router.
  • Then load the 123.hp.com/oj250 AirPrint program onto the mobile iOS. Before that, open the picture or document that needs to be printed and press the icon for print.
  • Pick printer from the list next to select your printer. When you don’t have a local network you can directly use either Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless.
  • Finally, if you don’t receive any messages found by AirPrint printers or any other error message, open the EWS page to check the status of the printer network.
  • Download the Wireless Network Report for that, and get the IP address for the printer. Then type it in the iOS device’s Safari browser.

123.hp.com/oj250 – ePrint Setup

  • Make sure that your printer and computer are linked in the same wireless network first. Then load the program on ePrint.
  • After the program has been installed, press the Settings icon and tap Activation. Enter your email address in the correct file.
  • Using it to enable your application and send an activation code and your email address. Click the plus button on the application’s home screen to connect your printer.
  • Next go to the web services setup in your printer, and activate the web service feature. Just make sure the printer is not attached to a USB cable that makes the ePrint functional.
  • To submit your print job to the printer, HP ePrint needs a mail address. The email address can be found on the printer ‘s Network info tab.
  • Someone who is aware of the email address will send email to the printer using the printer email address. Who can send mail to your printer can be blocked or personalized.
  • Also note that the ePrint program prints the email with its body and allows no more than 10 attachments.
  • And the total size of the email will support text, word , PowerPoint and Excel within 10 MB of ePrint. But don’t support secure, encrypted documents with passwords.
  • If you consider some impression difficulties with ePrint try restarting the printer. And print out a sample test sheet.
  • To solve any network problems review the test page. In the printer control panel, go to Network settings to address any network issues.
  • Then connect the printer to the network with wireless network wizard. And verify that your printer’s within the range of the router.
  • Finally, check your device’s firewall settings which may render the printer connection. Still having trouble visiting 123.hp.com/oj250 to solve your issues.

123.hp.com/oj250 – Replacing the Print head

  • If you wish to repair the damaged assembly of the print head follow the steps below.
  • Keep in mind first of all don’t remove the cartridge until you obtain it and are able to replace it. Leaving them out of the printer will damage both the printer and the cartridge for a long time.
  • Lift your printer’s ink cartridge control door now. You will then see the cartridge entering the access area for the ink.
  • Then push the cartridge upwards to take it off the hole. Remove them from the slot one by one, carefully.
  • Take the carriage back after they all have been withdrawn. To do the operation using the gray lock. Now be careful to remove the head for print.
  • And be vigilant that the electrical and copper contacts inside the print head assembly are not touched.
  • Switch off the protective cover with a new print head set. Inside the slot, carefully position the assembly without scratching them.
  • After the 123.hp.com/setup 250 print head assembly has been mounted, remove the grey latch to match the print head assembly instead.
  • Then place the ink cartridges in their appropriate slot one by one, and close the access door to the ink cartridge.
  • You should try to clean the print head with moist heads, too. But while cleaning, clean the electrical contacts from one side alone that rubbing back and forth can damage them from top to bottom or from one side to another.
  • Finally you should also carefully prepare the ink cartridges and print head assembly and return them to the manufacturers at HP.

123.hp.com/oj250 – Fixing paper pick-up issue

  • Next, if you receive paper message in your printer window and still have paper in the input tray, the paper pick-up problem is facing you.
  • The reset print can often solve the problem. To do so, push the power button to shut off the printer and disconnect the power cord from both the printer and the wall outlet.
  • The paper input tray is then filled with a stack of paper using the paper width guide to change the paper. Don’t press too hard that will start bending the paper.
  • Before that seek to print a test report to see if the issue was fixed. To do so, switch to the second screen in the printer control panel.
  • And press the icon on setup. Select files in the Setup menu list. Then click on the report printer status which prints the report. If it succesfully prints solved problem.
  • Start cleaning the paper path and avoiding any obstructions in the carriage path while still having problems.
  • With that, take the paper output tray out and delete every piece of paper in the direction of the carriage.
  • Seek next to clean the rollers. Lint-free cloths, clean water and cotton swabs are used for that. But for that, do not use chemicals or alcohols.
  • For that printer turn, and remove the duplexer from the back end. Clean the rollers with free damp lint cloths instead.
  • At last attempt to print out the test sheet. For more troubleshooting operation, please visit 123.hp.com/oj250 or 123.hp.com/setup 250 if it prints without error.


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