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HP DeskJet 3655 Setup

You will notice the following things while unboxing the printer:

  1. USB Cable
  2. Set power cord and adapter
  3. Setup CD for Mac and Windows via printer driver.
  4. Two cartridges-one in black and one in tri-colour.
  5. In Multilanguage, an HP Deskjet 3655 user manual that has instructions for simple setup and troubleshooting.
  6. Getting Guide Going. Below is the simple step-by-step manual for setting up your HP Deskjet 3655 Hardware Configuration.
  7. HP Deskjet 3655 Plastic Bag Printer.

HP Deskjet 3655 setup can be done in 2 parts:

  • Hardware Setup
  • Software Setup

HP Deskjet 3655 Hardware setup


  1. Prepare the power cords first. Cut the twist links around the wires, and extend the wires.
  2. Then push the power cable tightly into the socket adapter.
  3. Now, find the printer’s port on the printer’s back side, which is color coded (for example: purple) and matches the power cable.
  4. Now plug the power cable to the printer port securely in place.
  5. Attach the one end of the power cord to the printing unit after that, and the other end to the power source.
  6. Then you should click the Power button on top of the printer.
  7. Click the Power button after that and unexpectedly various lights start blinking.
  8. You will hear a settings tone from the printer after that.
  9. Push on the tab in the front of the printer’s ink access door and transfer the carriage to the center of the printer.
  10. Now it is time the ink cartridges were fitted.
  11. There are then two cartridges, one black and the other a tri-colour.
  12. Remove film packaging.
  13. Up over the cap you can see an orange button. To remove the tape that protects the electrical contacts and ink nozzles you will pull it.
  14. Thus, the tricolor cartridge goes into the slot on the left side. Push the cartridge into place until it snaps shut.
  15. Now your cartridges have been installed with success. Finally, close the access door to the ink and align the cartridges with a guide for changing distance.
  16. Because we will use various media sizes for printing, such as picture paper and envelopes, we need to change this guide accordingly.
  17. Set up a stack of paper now, and slip it into the input tray.
  18. Slide the adjustment guide to width until the sides are jammed against the plate.
  19. HP recommends installing the CD software or the 123.hp.com/setup 3655 or 123.hp.com/dj3655 web site. Now, run your printer’s alignment tool to get the highest quality print output.

123.hp.com/setup 3655, Printer setup & install

HP Deskjet 3655 Features

Deskjet is the main HP Printers form. So people don’t find endless features in it. Thus, consumers expect the basic functionalities available to install and run to be inexpensive, with less complexity. All that is the HP Deskjet 3655 system. Instead, this is primarily targeted at users who might need to print periodically. Yet it does have some valuable features that are available in the higher end versions.

While most basic printer models have a USB connection only, HP Deskjet 3655 supports wireless printing and mobile printing. You don’t have to rely on your network for communication because it also supports Wireless Direct Printing. It is compatible with Apple Airprint and Google Cloud print, as are other other HP models. And you can use 123.hp.com/dj3655 to print from your mobile phones or tablets.

HP Deskjet 3655 Setup – Software

HP Deskjet 3655 software setup will start after hardware setup.

Continue Reading to get new router configuration information or to restore existing network connections.

 1. Install Software for HP DJ 3655 Printer

  1. Go to the 123.hp.com/dj3655 connection from any browser you have on your computer. Then, to get the latest printer driver software version, click Download.
  2. You can install the printer software from the CD, if you have an installation CD. You can also go to the HP Deskjet 3655 setup at 123.hp.com/setup 3655, or 123.hp.com/dj3655.
  3. After the download of the printer software is complete, installation of the full feature driver automatically starts.
  4. A Link window opens after a while. Do not press this window on to continue.

2. HP DJ 3655 printer restore to default wireless settings

It will ensure that HP’s auto wireless link feature takes care of the wireless connection.

  1. Press the power button, and twice press the Start Copy Black Button. Then, three times, press the Cancel button.
  2. Now, have the power button released. The wireless light that is next to the wireless button will be blinking.
  3. Then continue with the process of installing the software.

3. Continue with the installation of HP DJ 3655 Printer

  1. Now, press the Connect button to start.
  2. Instead, at this stage, wireless light willsblink. Thus, make sure the power-button is bright as well.
  3. Then follow the instructions before a screen with Connection Options opens.
  4. Select Wireless-make a wireless link on this screen to the printer device.
  5. After that a screen is displayed with the following options.
  6. HP Auto Wireless Connect-Network test gathers information about your network link automatically. Click Yes, then press Following.
  7. Wireless Setup Using a USB connection – If the network check cannot collect your network settings, connect a USB cable to the printer from your computer and click the
  8. Respond to the directions on the computer. A window opens to Activate.
  9. Now, the program setup for HP Deskjet 3655 is complete. Lastly, close the settings window and start printing.


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